Got it: Aritzia Spring Summer Sale


Aritzia Spring Summer Sale

So it’s that time of year again, the annual Aritzia Spring Summer Sale.  The shopaholic in me can’t resist but to splurge a little bit!  (See details about the sale specs below!)

So last night I did a little bit of online browsing on their website, in hopes of curbing my shopping tendencies. I told myself I was only going there to buy this cream crepe jacket:

Aritzia Spring Summer Sale

But of course,  I end up walking out with these (and I didn’t even end up getting what I went in for):

Aritzia Spring Summer Sale

 But oh-so worth it! :)


The Sale Specs:

Overall I would say the Aritzia spring summer sale was pretty good, with the discounts starting at 20% off everything and up to 50% off some items. They even had a good selection of special items that had double discounts, like 20% off items that were already on sale.  As for the complimentary gift, it looks like Aitizia has given up their beach towel gift tradition this year for a scented candle.


  • caroline

    Oh looks great! Can’t wait to see what you get!