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My Vancouver Bucket List: A Tourist In My Own City

Vancouver Bucket list: Granville street

My Tourist List of Must-See and Must-Do’s: Vancouver is the city where I’ve live my whole life. Born and raised, Vancouver will always be my home. But in less than 6 weeks, I’ll be moving to Toronto – new city and new discoveries to make. But before I leave my home town, I’m going to be a tourist in my own city one last time!  I came up with bucket list with all the things I want to do in…

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50 Chic & Creative Ways to Wear a Scarf

50 ways to wear a scarf

Scarf Folding Ideas and Fun Ways to Wear a Scarf Scarves are one of my favorite accessories, so scarf it up!  Adding a scarf is one of the easiest way to make an outfit chic.  A scarf can quickly add a touch of color that quickly brings interest to your ensemble.  They are great no matter what age you are and what your body type. They’re so very versatile –  you can wear them around your waist, around your neck,…

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How to Claim an Abandoned Twitter Username

How to Claim an Inactive Twitter Username

After patiently waiting for 6 months I finally have my twitter name @YesMissy!  I started my blog just over half a year ago, and didn’t think of starting a Twitter account until about a month or two into it. Unfortunately, at that time @YesMissy was taken.  But the account was completely abandoned: there were only 3 tweets in the timeline, 0 followers, and no sign of any new tweets.  Grr.. How frustrating is that? But I knew there must be…

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DIY: How to Resize a Hat for a Perfect Fit

DIY: How to resize a hat for a perfect fit

Don’t you think it’s unfair guys always have cooler hats than girls? I always find myself buying guy’s hats, they have more selection and just better style options in my opinion. The problem is they are often, if not always, too big!!  So here’s my DIY solution to help you resize a hat a so you can have the perfect fit! Materials: your oversized hat, scissors, 2 sided tape (or glue), and  some foam padding material. (I actually recycled some…

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Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips

Shopping Tips

Christmas has crept up so quickly! It’s less than a week away and I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet. Tomorrow I’m going to be doing my first round of shopping. There’s a snowfall warning out for tonight and tomorrow, so hopefully everything will stay open while I try to battle mother nature in the spirit of Christmas. Here are some last minute shopping tips for all you procrastinators out there: One stop shop in the mall – Malls…

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Styling Tips: Winterize Your Wardrobe

Winterizing your wardrobe

There’s no more denying it. I can’t even wear ballet flats any more. Any kind of sockless shoe wear is out of the question until next spring. It’s time to start to winterize your wardrobe. The first snow has fallen on the local mountains and I’m faced with the chilly reality that summer is really over now. Just when I felt like my summer wardrobe was finally complete, I have to start all over again with a brand new season.…

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Nail Art Tips for Painting Stripes

Nail art tips for painting stripes

Nail art tips for painting stripes I’ve been doing a lot of crazy nail art lately. So this week, I decided to go for something simple and classic. To welcome the Fall season, I’ve chosen to use a pretty caramel shade highlighted with a gold stripe. Like anything, nail art requires practice, in fact a LOT of practice! Drawing straight lines with a nail brush is no easy task. I had repaint a few my nails just to get them.…

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