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Colored Denim

Colored denim + arm candypastel denim

I can’t remember the time I actually wore “blue” jeans. This season colored denim has come for a completely invaded my wardrobe as a new staple item. When this trend first came out I was a little skeptical of how anyone could look good in pink jeans. But soon I fell in love with the bright neons and pastels. They were like an extra ray of sunshine to every summer day.

This is my own little denim rainbow below. My first buy was the periwinkle blue J Brands. Colored denim in shades of blue are a great place to start if you’re still feeling a little iffy about the trend. It’s in the same color family as your regular “blue” jeans,  but still offer a pop of color. Next came the pink and blue and before I knew it, I pretty much had a whole rainbow, (I have red and pale yellow too, but not shown in this pic.)

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