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Crushworthy Faux Fur: How To Wear

Faux Fur

Crushworthy faux fur: how to wear the fur this winter season

Faux fur is so crushworthy this winter season! It’s an irresistible trend that has really been growing lately. Not only does it keep you warm and cozy, faux fur adds a little touch of luxury to your outfit. What I love most about faux fur, is how wearable it is, like an add-on-to-anything accessory!

Here a few ideas on how to add some faux fur to your wardrobe:

  1. The faux fur scarf is probably the easiest way to add a little fur to your wardrobe! Since it’s an individual piece, you can wear it with many of your outfits.
  2. Fur trimmed boots are mega cute! But they are a bit harder to wear, so make sure you find a boot that is right for your body. Sometime fur boots can make you look bottom heavy if they’re not quite balanced. I recommend a type of boot that is covered with less than 30% of fur.
  3. Faux fur vests are another easy item to wear. Layer your fur vest with a thinner material underneath. This will keep your silhouette lean.
  4. Fur collars on coats have to be my favorite way adding fur!  I feel like they add instant glam and polish off any coat or jacket. You don’t necessarily have to purchase a coat with a collar, you can buy a collar separately, or even wear your scarf as a collar!
  5. Furry ear muffs are definitely the cutest accessory. If you’re weary of wearing fur, I’d definitely recommend ear muffs. They look cute on everyone and only an occasional accessory.
  6. Shaggy jackets are also a cute way to wear fur. I personally cannot pull the look off, but it can look great with some skinnies and leg elongating boots!

Tips for styling fur:

  • Remember fur can make you look more bulky, so keep the rest of your outfit clean cut and trim.
  • Wear only one fur item at a time! Especially if you’re wearing a big piece like a shaggy jacket.  Think of fur as an embellishment.
  • Have fun and stay warm!

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  • Dana Owens

    You have some great tips. I love the look Faux Fur Jackets offer. I couldn’t resist buying a new one at Burlington Coat Factory last week. It was $60 less than I had seen it for in the department stores and it is really prefect for the winter.