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Designher Kit by DesignHerCo – DIY Jewelry Subscription Box

Designher Kit - DIY Jewelry and Accessories Subscription Box

Designher Kit Review - DIY Jewelry Subsciption Box

So we all know about subscription boxes for beauty samples, but what about a subscription box for DIY jewelry and accessories?!  Designher Kit is a beautifully curated DIY Jewelry and Accessory subscription kit, which takes the chore out of crafting. When you subscribe, each month you’ll receive a glam package with 3 inspiring DIY and accessory projects are delivered right to your door step, for just $19 per month which includes shipping within Canada. When your package arrives, just visit for the full picture tutorials on how to create your projects.

Designher Kit Review - Kit Contents

I was lucky enough to take home my very own Designher Kit!  And honestly, it what a great kit!  The kit contained  3 DIY jewelry projects: a spiked necklace, a tassel bracelet, and pearl hair pins. They were all really great projects to make. It was just the right level of crafty-ness,  nothing crazy difficult, but you’ll definitely be challenged and very proud your jewelry creations.

Designher Kit - DIY Tassel Bracelet

I started with the DIY tassel bracelet project. This one was pretty simple and so adorable!
You just need to trim the chain to the right length, then attach the jump rings to connect everything together.
This DIY took me maybe 15 minutes or so to create.

Designher Kit - DIY Spike Necklace

This spiked necklace was a little bit more challenging for me!
You basically need to attach 2 spikes on a jump ring, then attach it to the chain.
This project probably took me closer to an hour to complete. It is a gorgeous piece! I know I’ll be wearing this one a lot!

Designher Kit Review - Pearl Hair Pins

Here are the pearl hair pins. I was rather apprehensive of this DIY project, I’ve had some bad experiences with wire, but when I followed the instructions on, it was easy breezy! These pretty little pins took me about 20 minutes to make. I love them and I feel very inspired to make more hair pins of my own now I’ve mastered this one!



This week I had the pleasure of attending the Designher Kit event at the Designher Co studios and met with Dara Frydman the owner and founder of Designher Kit. Not only that, I had the chance to get my craft on and make this pretty little bracelet below.

Designher Kit Review - DIY Spike bracelet

Since Designher Kit is a new service, they are currently running a campaign on IndieGoGo to raise funds for the launch. If you’re unfamiliar with Indiegogo it’s a site which allows the general public help fund an idea in exchange for some amazing perks!  This means you’ll be able to get your subscription for an extra special price, plus get an extra bonus project in your kit as well!

Designher Kit has a range of contribution levels and perks on IndieGoGo:

  • For just $16, you get a 1 month subscription – which includes 3 projects, PLUS a bonus project, and a discount coupon for your next subscription.
  • For just $69, you can get a 3 month subscription, PLUS 1 bonus project each month (3 bonus projects total), plus a discount when you renew.
  • For just $129, you can get a 6 month subsctiptioin, PLUS 1 bonus projects each month (6 bonus projects total), plus a discount when you renew.
  • For just $26, you can get the DIY Starter Kit – a perfect starter kit of DIY’er tools
  • There are also a 12 month subscription, a ladies party night package and fashionista birthday package that you can check out here.

But don’t wait long to check it out. These special packages are only available until November 22! After the 22nd, you’ll be able to get the kits directly from the Designher Kit website.


Designher Kit - DIY Jewelry and Accessories Subscription Box

For more information on the Designher Kit check out their websitefacebook and twitter.

I personally love the idea of this DIY jewelry and accessories kit, with the holidays around the corner, it would make the perfect gift too! *hint hint*


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