All Natural DIY Dry Shampoo Recipes for Blondes AND Brunettes

DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe - made from ingredients you already have in your kitchen!

I’ve been all about DIY beauty products lately. It all started with my DIY mango body butter recipe and now I’m hooked on natural beauty! Natural homemade beauty products not only do you save money, but you actually know what’s going into them and can avoid unnecessary chemicals ingredients.

This week, I’ve whipped up 2 simple recipes for Natural Dry Shampoo Recipes for both blondes AND brunettes on Brit + Co. The basic idea of a dry shampoo is to absorb the excess oil at the roots, leaving your hair looking clean. These recipes will show you how to make a great DIY dry shampoo with simple natural ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen!

Check out the full DIY dry shampoo tutorial and recipe on Brit + CO.

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  • caroline

    This is seriously awesome!

    • Eileen

      Thanks Caroline!

  • Maria Kitching

    This is grear, just about to go over and have a look at what’s in this. Love dry shampoo!

    • Eileen

      Thanks Maria! :)

  • Sam – DIY Huntress

    Just stumbled upon this! Thank you so much for sharing! I loveeee dry shampoo, the havit can just get so expensive though!

    • Eileen

      It does, and I find like I always go through a canister so quickly too. It’s so much better to make my own now :)

  • Leather Lace & Turquoise

    Thanks, love this post, never thought of adding coco!

    • Eileen

      Thanks! :)