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DIY: Glitter Touched Heels

DIY Glitter Heels Tutorial

I love little accents and touches of colors. Little details are the frosting on a cake! (Always the best part!) When fellow blogger Style on the Side, posted some pictures of her new navy heels with a touch of gold,  I was smitten. Here is a picture of them below, stunning right? Just that little bit of gold adds a red carpet touch to those patent navy blue heels!

DIY glitter heels tutorial

Since I’ve had this pair patent black and maroon pumps sitting in my closet for awhile, I thought they could use splash of special as well. So in my version, I’ve added a touch of glitter to jazz up my old patent pumps.

DIY Materials:

  • A pair of pumps (or any shoes really!)
  • Packing tape / masking tape
  • Sparkly nail polish



DIY Glitter Shoes Tutorial

  1. First, we’re going to use our tape and make a stencil of the triangular shape. Take a strip of packing tape and fold it in half with the sticky part on the outside
  2. Where it’s folded cut on a diagonal line to make a triangle when you unfold the tape.
  3. Stick your triangular tape stencil on your shoe at the heel, then take another piece of tape and stick it across the top of the heel.
  4. Pull out your glittery nail polish and paint away.
  5. Once dry, carefully peel away the tape, leaving a touch of sparkles at the heels.

You can use any polish you like, make it a pop of color, or gold and sparkles! And when you don’t love it anymore, you can just take it off with some nail polish remover.

DIY Glitter Shoes Tutorial

DIY Glitter Shoes Tutorial

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  • Love these. And it seems a lot easier than doing the entire shoe!

    • Thanks hun! You’re right on that! 🙂

  • I absolutely love what you did! The shoes look great!

    • Thanks! Not as pretty as yours, but I thought it would be fun 🙂