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Jewelry DIY: Ribbon Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

Jewelry DIY: Ribbon Wrap Bracelet

DIY: Ribbon Wrap Bracelet

Ribbon Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

I haven’t been very crafty for awhile! It’s been all about the clothes lately. So today I decided to put my creativity hat on and see what I could make with some of the supplies I had around the house! I got inspired by this silk ribbon charm bracelet on saw on Pinterest and decided to make my own version.

This is a super simple wrap bracelet! All you need is about 3 feet of ribbon and a few charms. The length of the ribbon is flexible, it just depends on how many times you want to wrap your bracelet around your wrist. 3 feet of ribbon will usually wrap around your wrist 4-5 times.

  1. Measure out your ribbon to the length you want.
  2. Simply thread your charms on the ribbon and space them out a few inches apart.
  3. It’s ready to wear!

Tip: to prevent the ribbon from fraying you can use a little clear nail polish to seal the ends.

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