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Etsy Sunday: Dainty Matte Gold Bracelets

Etsy dainty gold bracelets

Etsy dainty gold bracelets DIY: Etsy dainty gold bracelet

DIY: Etsy gold nugget dainty bracelet

Yesterday was the first rainy Sunday of September. The perfect type of day to get my Etsy on!

I spent most of the afternoon huddled cozily over my desk, creating these dainty gold charm bracelets. I am quite pleased! I took extra care to find matte gold for the chain, clasps and findings. It’s a special touch that give these dainty bracelets softer look than regular shiny gold. I had to search high and low for the materials, but I think it was well worth it. They came out great! Check out my latest creations at my Etsy shop.

I made this little one below too. This is one of my favorite classic bracelets. I hope it has a safe journey, it’ll be going halfway across the country to its new home in Pittsburgh. 🙂

Ribbon Glass Bead Bracelet

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  • whoa where’d you find matted gold chains?

    • I found them at a jewelry craft store on Granville Island, which is this a local market place in Vancouver! 🙂