Nail Art Tips for Painting Stripes

Nail art tips for painting stripes

I’ve been doing a lot of crazy nail art lately. So this week, I decided to go for something simple and classic. To welcome the Fall season, I’ve chosen to use a pretty caramel shade highlighted with a gold stripe.

Like anything, nail art requires practice, in fact a LOT of practice! Drawing straight lines with a nail brush is no easy task. I had repaint a few my nails just to get them. But to help you out, I have some nail art tips for you to help you paint straight stripe.

Tools needed: Skinny brush, polish and scrap paper

  1. Put a drop of nail polish on piece of paper and use that as your palette. This will allow you more control on how much polish you have on your brush. Plus dipping your brush into your nail polish bottle only puts on too much polish and gets polish all over the handle.
  2. To get a better angle to do your design, rest your painting hand on a higher surface, such as a book.
  3. To create a straight stripe, pull your brush backwards in the direction you want to make your line. This gives you a visual cue to creating a straight stripe.
  4. Always start out with a thinner stripe. You can always thicken the stripe later, but you’ll need to start over if it’s too thick to start.
  5. Practice painting a few lines on a piece of paper so you’re familiar with how the brush feels.
  6. Prone to mistakes? Put top coat of polish on before you do your nail art and have a paper towel moistened with nail polish remover handy. Make sure your top coat is completely dry before you do your nail art. This will create a slight barrier so if you make a mistake you can take your moistened paper towel to take it off quickly without ruining your base.  And make sure you’re using a paper towel and not a cotton ball/pad. Cotton pads/balls may leave little bits of cotton stuck to your base polish.
  7. When all else fails, you can always use tape to keep your lines perfect. Just make sure your base polish beneath is completely dry!

Here’s some inspiration for striped nail designs!

Nail Art Tips for Painting Stripes

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