PS I Love This: Heritage Teddy Bears

PS I love this: Heritage Teddy Bears

Polka Dot Club - classic heritage teddy bears


While browsing on Pinterest, I came across these adorable heritage teddy bears and I am just smitten by them.  There’s a lost art in toy making and the Polka Dot Club brings it back with these lovingly handmade heritage teddy bears. You can see the all the care goes into the little details like the neckties and trim. They are such beautiful little things.

At the turn of the 20th century the finest teddy bears and stuffed animals were made with mohair, wool felt, and wood stuffing. Each of these bears are made with mohair fur woven onto cotton backing. Inspired by the longevity of its love worn predecessors, only natural fibers are used.  The materials, techniques and processes pay homage to the past, but are wholly modern playthings for today. They are heirlooms for now & forever.


PS I love this - Heritage teddy bears


There is something just so special about handmade toys.

HeritageTeddy Bears - Polka Dot  Club

Visit the Polka Dot Club to see more cute, cuddly creations.





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