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15 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas To Try

Easter Egg Decorating Roundup

Are you egg-cited about Easter? Haha, I just couldn’t help but throw an egg joke in. 😉 If you’re still merely dunking an Easter eggs in dye, this year take your eggs one step further with these creative decorating techniques. From DIY stickers to nail polish, there’s no limit to the creative, crafty ways you can make egg embellishing fun. Here are 15 great egg decorating ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 1. DIY Gold Leaf Eggs You wouldn’t believe…

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DIY Roundup: 5 Fun and Creative Easter Crafts

DIY easter egg decorating

It’s time for a DIY roundup!  Here are some fun, easy crafts you can do this Easter weekend.  Who knew you could do so many things with eggs? 1. Egg Shell Potted Plants An adorable little way to create a miniature garden! Items needed: Dirt or potting soil), egg shells, moss, succulents, and flowers Finishing touch: Try painting the egg shells too for an extra festive Easter touch. source: 2. Metallic Sharpie Easter Eggs Sharpie’s are the do-it-all of the…

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