Winter Escape - Caribbean Vacation

Tropical Escape – Winter Vacation

As my first winter in Toronto began, I was is total awe of how cold it could get. I suppose I will always be a west coast girl at heart, and these freezing temperatures were a difficult adjustment. When me and my fiancée saw the opportunity to make an escape to some sunnier skies and […]

Heart Nail Art tutorial

Nail DIY: Rainbow Heart Nail Art

I was originally thinking of doing rainbow french tips, but I wanted to do something more interesting. So as I started playing around with my polish and painting it on at different angles and eureka! I realize I had created a little heart on my thumb. The best thing about these heart nail art design […]

Nail art tips for painting stripes

Nail Art Tips for Painting Stripes

Nail art tips for painting stripes I’ve been doing a lot of crazy nail art lately. So this week, I decided to go for something simple and classic. To welcome the Fall season, I’ve chosen to use a pretty caramel shade highlighted with a gold stripe. Like anything, nail art requires practice, in fact a […]

Yesmissy dot com has arrived

I’m Officially a Dot Com!

I’ve decided to take the plunge and buy the dot com name for my WordPress blog.  Now I am officially! (I feel like a real blogger now ) I had originally wanted to wait until I was I more committed to my blog, but what the hell, why not? I’m pretty serious about it. […]

Leopard nails tutorial

Nail DIY: Leopard Print Nails Tutorial

Easy Leopard Print Nails Tutorial Leopard Prints have been trending for so many seasons, I think they’re starting to become a classic. I’m going to show you how easy it is to create a leopard print on your nails!  The best part of this design is that it doesn’t need to be perfect. Each leopard print […]