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Day Hiking Essentials

Hiking Scarborough Bluffs with Merrell Footwear

Hiking is one of my favourite outdoor things to do. It's a great way to stay fit, escape the city, and refresh your mind. Read on for some of my top day hiking essentials to keep you happy & safe on your outdoor adventure…

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Tropical Escape – Winter Vacation

Winter Escape - Caribbean Vacation

As my first winter in Toronto began, I was is total awe of how cold it could get. I suppose I will always be a west coast girl at heart, and these freezing temperatures were a difficult adjustment. When me and my fiancée saw the opportunity to make an escape to some sunnier skies and warmer temperatures, we took it. We made some last minute plans for a getaway to Fort Lauderdale and cruised the western Caribbean for 6 days…

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DIY Roundup: 7 Fun, Summer DIY Fashion Ideas

summer DIY projects

The temperatures are scorching, and the bright sun is shining–which means there’s no better time to show off your sizzling sense of summer style. It’s time to get crafty! Here are my 7 of my favorite summer DIY fashion ideas.  1. DIY Cut Off Denim Denim cut offs are a staple to every summer wardrobe. Now everyone knows how to make cut off denim shorts from and old pair of jeans, but adding a little lace can be the finishing touch!…

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DIY Bracelet: Cross Style Chain Woven Bracelet

DIY bracelet chain & suede

Another DIY bracelet using chain and suede? Yes, that’s right this is the 4th one in the series and I  still have lots of ideas on how to create new patterns and styles. This DIY bracelet binds to pieces of chain together by doing a variation of the simple shoe lace cross. Materials needed: – About 14 inches / 36 cm chain . I’m using 10×7 mm size chain. – about 21 inches / 54 cm of suede lace.  I’m…

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Nail DIY: Rainbow Heart Nail Art

Heart Nail Art tutorial

I was originally thinking of doing rainbow french tips, but I wanted to do something more interesting. So as I started playing around with my polish and painting it on at different angles and eureka! I realize I had created a little heart on my thumb. The best thing about these heart nail art design is they don’t require any tools at all. Just simply your regular ol’ nail polish Valentine’s day update: Since it was V-day is coming up…

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Nail Art Tips for Painting Stripes

Nail art tips for painting stripes

Nail art tips for painting stripes I’ve been doing a lot of crazy nail art lately. So this week, I decided to go for something simple and classic. To welcome the Fall season, I’ve chosen to use a pretty caramel shade highlighted with a gold stripe. Like anything, nail art requires practice, in fact a LOT of practice! Drawing straight lines with a nail brush is no easy task. I had repaint a few my nails just to get them.…

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DIY Cut Out T Shirt Inspiration and Tips

DIY: Cut Out T Shirt Inspiration and Tips

DIY Cutout T Shirt Inspiration and Tips Cutout t shirts have been appearing everywhere! But there’s no need to spend your hard earned cash – find an old t shirt and make it new and stylish again with a few snips here and there! My first attempt at a cut out t-shirt actually ended in dire failure. But, it was still a good learning experience, and I’m sure my next one will turn out a whole lot better. *fingers crossed*…

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DIY: Adorable Polka Dot Nails

DIY: Easy Polka Dot Nails

In the spirit of summer, I’ve decided to keep the summer fun going with a fun colorful polka-dot manicure. The finished look of these nails really remind me of Dippin’ Dots ice cream. It’s a fun, playful look and super easy to create! To create this fun polka dot nail art, you’ll need few colors of nail polish (4 in my case) and a dotting tool (or just use a blunt toothpick.) You’ll just want to start off with 2…

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Nail DIY: Leopard Print Nails Tutorial

Leopard nails tutorial

Easy Leopard Print Nails Tutorial Leopard Prints have been trending for so many seasons, I think they’re starting to become a classic. I’m going to show you how easy it is to create a leopard print on your nails!  The best part of this design is that it doesn’t need to be perfect. Each leopard print is a little random and unique, so this is something everyone can do! Step by Step Tutorial for Leopard Print Nail Art Start off with…

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