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A Complete Guide On How To Hem Jeans

How to hem jeans

This tutorial is a complete guide to hemming your jeans. I’ve broken down into 2 parts: First, finding the correct length your jeans should be hemmed according to the type of jeans you have. Then, how to actually hem jeans while keeping the original hem, so they look like they were tailored and made just for you!  Hope you find this guide helpful! Part 1: What length is the right length for hemming my jeans? You’ve found your perfect pair of…

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Denim Is My Weakness!

Grey floral denim from American Eagle

    Denim has always been my weakness. I don’t just buy jeans, I collect them. (Or at least that’s my excuse. 😉 ) It all started with Miss Sixty jeans in high school, followed by Seven’s, Rock’s and TR’s, and you know how the story goes… Now, I know I said that I was going to I was going to put my shopping habit to rest. But I fatefully found myself in the mall again on Sunday, and like the…

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Color Denim Dreaming

Colored Denim

I can’t remember the time I actually wore “blue” jeans. This season colored denim has come for a completely invaded my wardrobe as a new staple item. When this trend first came out I was a little skeptical of how anyone could look good in pink jeans. But soon I fell in love with the bright neons and pastels. They were like an extra ray of sunshine to every summer day. This is my own little denim rainbow below. My…

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