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The Arise Box – Ethical Summer Essentials

The Arise Box Review - Summer Edition

Even small, everyday purchases like as coffee, tea, breakfast cereal, and bread are a vote for something. How you shop and companies you support are a vote for what you believe in and the kind of place you want the world to be. For example, favouring organic produce is a vote for environmental sustainability and purchasing fair trade products is a vote for human rights. We have a great deal of power in our pockets and the choices we make…

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Make Your Own DIY Nail Appliques and Nail Stickers

Make your own DIY nail appliques & nail stickers from real nail polish

Nail appliques are god sent gifts to the nail art world. They’re an easy way to get a perfect manicure every time. Best of all, you don’t have have to sit around waiting time for your nails to dry. Well here’s a genius trick to making your own DIY nail appliques from real nail polish. See how I made these fun splatter DIY Nail Appliques over at! Check out more DIY nail tutorials here: Let’s connect on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Google+ | Bloglovin‘…

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Marchesa and Revlon – the Fab Collab

Revlon by Marchesa

I. am. in. love.  When I first saw these beautifully jewelled nail appliques on,  I think my heart just stopped. Marchesa gowns know how to make an entrance, and these nails appliques are no different! Marchesa and Revlon have teamed up to create couture nail appliques with elaborate 3D designs and intricate patterns. There are eight different designs in total,  featuring ornate detailed patterns with tiny jewels in the complete essence of the classic Marchesa style.   Do you have a…

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Easy Peasy Sharpie Nail Art

I’m all about easy nail art! So when I bought this gold metallic sharpie, labelling boxes wasn’t what I had in mind for it.  It’s much easier to draw cute designs on your nails with a sharpie than paint with a teeny brush. So just doodle away, and if you make a mistake, a little bit of good ‘ol rubbing alcohol and it will come right off without taking off your nail polish. Once you’re done with your design, finish your…

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DIY Roundup: Top 10 Wickedly Clever & Simple DIY Projects

DIY Roundup: Best Craft Projects

Sometimes do-it-yourself projects are pure sweat and tears, but it doesn’t always have to be. This DIY roundup edition features the some of my favorite DIY projects & how-to craft tutorials that are not only clever, they’re also ingeniously simple! Here are my top 10 DIY wickedly clever & simple DIY projects. Enjoy! 1. Create Louboutin Style Soles with Nail Polish source: 2. Chain and Rhinestone Bracelet source:   3. Wrap a Scarf to Make a Draped Skirt Source: 4. Personalized Sharpie Mug: Source:…

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