Revlon by Marchesa

Marchesa and Revlon – the Fab Collab

I. am. in. love.  When I first saw these beautifully jewelled nail appliques on,  I think my heart just stopped. Marchesa gowns know how to make an entrance, and these nails appliques are no different! Marchesa and Revlon have teamed up to create couture nail appliques with elaborate 3D designs and intricate patterns. There are […]

Sharpie Nail Design Tutorials

Easy Peasy Sharpie Nail Art

I’m all about easy nail art! So when I bought this gold metallic sharpie, labelling boxes wasn’t what I had in mind for it.  It’s much easier to draw cute designs on your nails with a sharpie than paint with a teeny brush. So just doodle away, and if you make a mistake, a little bit […]

Spring Flowers Nail design

Nail DIY: Spring Flowers Nail Design

Spring Flowers Nail Design The winter is almost over which means spring is on its way! So why not get into the spirit by jazzing up your nails with some beautiful spring flower nail designs? I won’t go over the basics of hand and nail care because you are probably up to speed with it. So […]

Heart Nail Art tutorial

Nail DIY: Rainbow Heart Nail Art

I was originally thinking of doing rainbow french tips, but I wanted to do something more interesting. So as I started playing around with my polish and painting it on at different angles and eureka! I realize I had created a little heart on my thumb. The best thing about these heart nail art design […]

Valentine's Day heart nail art

Nail DIY: How to Create Heart Nail Designs

Heart Nail Designs The month love is upon us! February is here and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  This makes the perfect excuse to sport hearts all month long! Sometimes nail art can be really overpowering with busy designs, colors and textures. For this Valentine’s day, I wanted to create a really simple, […]

Starburst Nail Tutorial

Nail DIY: Starburst Nail Tutorial

What is a new year’s celebration without a little bit a glitter? Adding a bit of sparkle is an easy way to bring the festive spirit to your nails. This tutorial will show you how to create glittery starbursts with just couple colors of polish and a nail dotter or nail brush.  Like all my […]

Movember Nail Tutorial

DIY: Movember Mustache Nails Tutorial

It’s finally November or Movember should I say? If you’re not familiar with Movember,  it’s an annual, month-long event involving the growing of mustaches held during November that raises funds and awareness for prostate cancer and other male cancer initiatives. In the spirit of charity I decided to do a fun nail tutorial to create a mustache nails […]

Halloween Nails

Inspiration for Halloween Nails

            Happy Halloween! This will be the first year I don’t have a costume. But in the spirit of Halloween I decided to share some of my favorite seasonal nail art. I hope you enjoy it If you love unique, one of a kind accessories, make sure to check out my […]

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