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A Tartan Thanksgiving Tablescape

A tartan Thanksgiving tablescape

A tartan Thanksgiving tablescape

Tartan plaid is a little bit rustic, but still modern and classy. Adding tartan to your harvest palette is a great way to add color and a festive touch to your Thanksgiving tablescape. This month, I’ve teamed up with FTD Flowers to put together this tartan Thanksgiving tablescape as part of their Thanksgiving Centerpiece Series, featuring their beautiful Heart of the Harvest Centerpiece.  The warm fall hues in the floral arrangement create the perfect cozy Thanksgiving feeling that I love. The reds tones tie perfectly with the tartan theme, while the rainbow of oranges, yellows and greens lighten the mood by adding texture and a fresh harvest look.

See how I dressed up our table, with a few simple elements to create this tartan themed Thanksgiving over at the FTD Flowers blog.

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A tartan Thanksgiving tablescape

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  • Robin Rue

    Your table looks awesome. I love the placemats!

  • Catherine S

    That is a fantastic centerpiece. I love all of the fall colors.

  • Michelle Hwee

    Really beautiful placemats and setting! I love the fall theme 🙂

  • courtney

    What a fabulously beautiful place setting. Love ittttt!!!

  • Krystal

    This is so pretty! I’m a big fan of tartan. Thanks!

  • How this is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing such an elegant decor item!

  • Nina Say

    So pretty! I love what you did. You have a real talent for decor.

  • The warmth of the red plaid is just so inviting. I love it!

  • Kung Phoo

    I like the plaid on the table.. looks very fun to me.

  • Elizabeth O.

    This is a great idea for the thanksgiving, which is just few days from now. This is a perfect centerpiece without overpowering the food that you will serve.

  • Kristin

    This is such big help to me. Ive been trying to figure out what i was going to do with our plain table.

  • Carra D

    Very festive. Love the colors in the flower arrangement very pretty

  • Beautiful, such a pretty combination of holiday decor,. love it!

  • Sandy Olsen

    It is such festive decorations. The plaid really adds in creating the ambiance.

  • Beautiful decorations. I love flowers as centerpieces and orange is my favorite colour.

  • Fi Ni Neachtain

    Beautiful table display. The tartan is perfect for Christmas.

  • Kori

    That does look gorgeous. I think that would look beautiful for Christmas.

  • Jessica @ Sprinkle Some Sugar

    Your table looks gorgeous! Love it

  • mail4rosey

    What a pretty tablescape. I love that plaid.

  • Gorgeous table arrangements! flowers make a huge difference.. so pretty!

  • Beautiful table setting. Looks very county-style and rustic.

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    This is a beautiful and festive table. I love the tablecloth.

  • Wow i love the flower arrangement.. 🙂

  • Melissa Smith

    That is beautiful! It’s been a while since I’ve seen Tartan Plaid anything.

  • That is a beautiful way to incorporate the timeless tartan It adds a touch of preppiness to to the tablescape.

  • So stunning table looks outstanding.

  • Motivating Mommy

    That table setting looks great. I love how festive it all is.

  • A tartan pattern would also look incredibly festive for the Christmas season. It looks good with the flowers shown here.

  • Carly Anderson

    This tablescape looks beautiful! I love tartan.

  • Oh how beautiful. I really love to decorate our table for every holiday. Thanks for sharing the FTD site.

  • Lynn Dee

    That is gorgeous! I love plaid. And I love red too. 🙂

  • That just looks amazing. I need to get something for my table.

  • This is so simple yet so beautiful!!! I just love it and the plaid… My favorite!!!

  • Buck Brewster

    This looks so simple yet classy