The Gossip Girl Finale.

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Finale

Is it over? Is it really, really over? I’m sad, I’m happy, but most importantly I finally know who Gossip Girl is! And as it turns out she’s not a girl at all! lol

Gossip Girl has been a juicy addiction for me since the pilot. I fell off out of love with it for awhile around the second or third season, but I rekindled my love for the series again these past 2 seasons. Every episode has unexpected twists and turns, and never ends quite like how I would expect it to. Most of all, Gossip Girl has always left me wanting more.

I feel like I get smack for watching this show. It seemed childish, superficial and mean, after all the real world isn’t like that.. or is it? Gossip girl isn’t just about dirty drama, fashion, and smut. It was truly a revolutionary show, about the first generation of teenagers growing up with the influence of social media and internet shaping their lives. I began high school at the tail end of the old world, with just the beginnings of the internet only starting to shape my high school life. By the time I graduated I’ve seen scandalous photos run rampid, shaping and destroying reputations, but never to the degree that teenagers have to deal with now. This show was the first TV show to depict the new reality of a generation saturated in the newly interconnected world of the internet.

What I will miss most about Gossip Girl is the fashion. The clothes, oh the clothes!!! They are to die for! Every bag was and ‘it’ bag! Ever dress was fabulous! The accessories, the styling, were always amazing! There’s never been a show that I could watch on mute. If Gossip Girl had been in a foreign language with a ridiculous story line, I would have still watched it to see what all the characters would wear.

So goodbye Gossip Girl.  It’s been a pleasure to grow up with you.


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  • It has been my favorite show of all the times ! Still cannot believe it is over !!! However, I am quite sure after 5-10 years there will be Gossip Girl (next generation) , the same as producers have done with Beverly Hills, 90210 😉