Vegas Trip Snapshot

I had an awesome time in Vegas!  Here’s a snapshot recap of my week:

View of the Las Vegas Strip Day View of the Las Vegas Strip Night

Las Vegas Strip Day/Night

Christian Louboutin Store Tory Burch Store

And the shopping begins…

 Tory Burch Flats

new additions to my Tory Burch Collection

Burberry riding boots Ankle wedge boots

Burberry riding boots and ankle wedge boots

Denim Necessities  Pleated skirts

Denim is always a neccessity – New 7 for all Mankind and Paige jeans!
And of course, some pleated skirts for this season.

new Pandora charms

2 new charms for my Pandora bracelet: bronze enamel spacer + gold heart clip

Conference badge

And my very first business conference!

  • Christian Mills

    I so love the boots you picked up, great choices!

    Please check out my fashion blog at :)

    • yesmissy

      Thank Hun! You have a great blog! Tres cool!

  • Taylor Moseley

    Oh fun! What was the business conference for??

    • yesmissy

      It was for Pubcon, a search marketing convention! :)

      • Taylor Moseley

        That’s pretty rad. Sounds interesting too. Yay work trips!

        • yesmissy

          Well… It was a pretty nerdy conference, but still a great experience and I can’t complain about a free trip to Vegas!

  • foreverinpink

    Love the new wardrobe additions! :)