What Happens When I Get Bored At Lunch?

I go shopping of course! What else would a shopaholic do?
What happens when I get bored at lunch?

I did my best to eat a slowly as possible, but I still left with half an hour to kill. What were my options – go back to work and actually work? No thanks! Maybe wander around the cosmetic section of the drugstore – A much better idea right? ;)

Drugstores can be a dangerous place for a shopaholic, especially the beauty department. Everything seems reasonably priced at first, so it’s easy to pick up a lipstick here, and couple nail polishes on sale, and by the time I’m at the cash register I’ve racked up $50 of nothing.

I decide pick up some hair color in this ridiculous shade of red. Well, it looks pretty ridiculous on the box, doesn’t it?  But I have pretty dark hair,  I’ll be lucky if it will give my hair a tinge of red. It’s been years since I’ve self colored, so I’ll give it a try tonight and let you know. I need a little change anyway. My hair is currently a black/brown with caramel ombre tips… But it’s starting to look like I just have terrible roots! Maybe this red is just what I need.

I also picked up some Seche Vite nail quick dry top coat, because I can’t possibly live without it! I rave to everyone about this quick dry top coat. It creates the most incredibly glossly protective coat, and it’ll be set to go in 2 minutes. It’s amazing! The only downfall is that it thickens quickly, and I never seem to make it past the half bottle mark before I need to throw it out.

Lastly, I bought a this lovely coral L’oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Sunset Angora. I think I just fell in love with the name! lol Lipstick has been my latest guilty pleasure. After years of lip gloss infatuation, a girl friend bought me a lipstick and I became immediately obsessed with the creamy texture and color intensity. I’m a new convert, good-bye sticky lip gloss, hello rich color!