Garden DIY: Cactus Terrarium Tutorial

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I love little cactus plants! They’re so adorable. I’ve had some before but I wanted a more fun way of displaying them.  I thought it would be fun to create a simple cactus terrarium garden with some tall glass vases.

How to: Potting Terrarium Style Cactus

How to: Potting Terrarium Style Cactus


How to Make a Simple Cactus Terrarium

Materials Needed:

– small cactus
– glass vase
– dirt, rocks, moss or filler
– chopsticks

1. Start by creating a base: make a thin layer of moss at the bottom of the glass vase.
2. Adding substance:  Layer a middle layer of soil.  Sometimes the soil from the potted cactus is already enough.
3. Carefully slide the cactus out of it’s current container. Loosen the soil to fit the new shape of the vase and gently slide in. Use chopsticks  to help maneuver and center the plant.
4. Finish it off your cactus terrarium by adding some sand or rocks.

Really quite simple! Ta da! Here are are my 3 little cacti with in their new glass homes.


How to: Potting Terrarium Style Cactus
How to: Potting Terrarium Style Cactus
Photo 2013-05-21 8 02 33 PM
How to: Potting Terrarium Style Cactus


(June 14, 2014 Update)
Here I’ve also done it with an orchid. Just add some rocks at the bottom, a little moss and transplant your orchid to its shiny new home.

How to: Potting Terrarium Style Orchids

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4 responses to “Garden DIY: Cactus Terrarium Tutorial”

  1. caroline says:

    Using chopsticks is a genius idea! I love cacti and they look perfect on a window sill!

  2. Melissa says:

    these are beautiful!!

  3. I’ll definitely give it a go! 🙂 Especially with the orchid !!!

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