Styling Tips: Winterize Your Wardrobe

There’s no more denying it. I can’t even wear ballet flats any more. Any kind of sockless shoe wear is out of the question until next spring. It’s time to start to winterize your wardrobe. The first snow has fallen on the local mountains and I’m faced with the chilly reality that summer is really over now. Just when I felt like my summer wardrobe was finally complete, I have to start all over again with a brand new season. But I’m not quite ready to put ALL my summer stuff away. I’ll be incorporating as much of summer clothes into the winter with an updated twist.

Winterizing Color Denim

winterizing colored denim winterizing colored denim

I’m not quite ready to put away my bright denim quite yet. All the upcoming dreary rainy days are going to need a pop of color from time to time. These pics are 2 great examples of how to wear your summer denim into the fall and winter season.  By pairing them with soft neutrals like browns and greys, you can tone down the brightness to make them more wearable for the season.

Winterizing summer dresses

  winterizing summer dresses

 This is an easier one! Summer dresses can easily be winterized with tights, layers and boots. Layer on a sweaters and a jacket and you’re ready to go!

Sheer Blouses
blouse and sweater layering   blouse and sweater layering 

I bought so many soft sheer blouses this summer. Last season I just fell in love with their soft flowly feel. But there’s no reason to put them away for the winter!  One of my favorite looks is layering on a sweater over a sheer blouse. Create an accent by pulling out the collar and sleeves. Knit’s not only provide additional warmth, but also creates variety in texture. Bonus point: no need to worry about itchy sweaters any more! 🙂

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  1. bonkasaurus says:

    I am so excited to be able to layer for fall! I wouldn’t put away your bright denim just because of the season change. Fashion is all about reworking things for personal expression. So if you love it, work it!

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