Leggings Are Not Pants!

Gross: Leggings are not pants

And tights are not leggings! (An even worse offense!)

I admit, I’m guilty of living in leggings for a whole season or 2 a few years back, but looking forward I’m trying to swear them off completely in public.  I completely understand that leggings are comfortable, cool-looking, body-friendly—but say no to the spandex Olivia Newton-John showed off in Grease!

Legging have one simple rule. Wear with tops, dresses and tunics that go past the buttocks. Think of it as a tasteful mini-skirt as a cut-off. The point is to avoid the potential for overexposure. No one is interested in seeing your hip bones, VPL or, heaven forbid, camel toe and believe me, we can see it all. Try leggings paired with a long, flowy top (a la Lauren Conrad), an oversized button-down (Mary-Kate would approve) or long, punk-inspired t-shirt (think Agyness Deyn).

The only time I’ll accept someone  with legging and a cropped top is in yoga class. And don’t cheap out and wear thin leggings because if you think everyone can see you underwear, they probably can. I’d also make a small exception for leather leggings, and some patterned leggings, but only if the material is thick enough.

Just remember, they do not take the place of pants. 🙂

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  1. Julia Nyanyo says:

    You are so right! I had to tell one of my lovely colleagues the other day that I knew she was wearing polka dot underpants – just so she would realise those leggings really are not covering as much as she thought! I blame the angle we look at ourselves in the mirror, it can look all good at home looking down from eye level!

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