My Loose Button Luxe Box Has Arrived!

I’ve just received my first Loose Button Luxe Box! As a Christmas present, my boyfriend gifted me a subscription to Loose Button and I’ve been anxiously waiting to receive it since. I think it is such a wonderful gift idea! It’s the type of gift that keeps on giving! Every month you receive a box of new upcoming beauty products to sample.

I know the concept of sampling subscription services have been around for awhile with big names like Birch Box, Glossy Box, and Beauty Bar leading the way. But it has taken awhile for these subscription type services to come to Canada. So I’m super excited to finally be able to try it out!

Opening my Luxe Box felt like Christmas all over again! It arrived beautifully packaged in a chic white box and all the samples were neatly tucked into an elegant white dust bag. This month’s Luxe Box came with 8 products AND a 6 month subscription to Flare Magazine. Pretty impressive! There was a good selection of items ranging from skin care and hair care to nails and makeup. There was 2 full sized products and 6 samples.

January Loose Button Luxe Box


It even came with this pretty little card listing all the products, details of use, and function.

January Loose Button Luxe Box Items

Overall I’m very happy with my Luxe Box!  Elegant packaging, great products, and a wide variety in types of beauty products! I don’t think I could have really asked for more. I can’t wait to try everything out. I’m most excited to try Blue Lagoon Algae mask and B. Kamins’s  eye cream. (I’m a big skincare junkie!)  I’ll post a review of everything once I get a chance to sample them all!




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My Loose Button Luxe Box Has Arrived!