Lunching with MealPal

MealPal comes to Toronto - Get 5 free meals!

Lunch these days isn’t cheap, or convenient as a matter of fact. In between standing in line and forking over $10-15 a meal, most weekdays at the office I succumb to munching on snacks or getting fast food.

MealPal is new subscription service that aims to make weekday lunches more affordable and convenient. MealPal lets users select and pick up a daily lunch from a variety of participating restaurants. The idea behind it is that you pre-pay for a 30-day monthly subscription of lunches.  You can choose from 2 options: 12 lunches/$6.99, or 20 meals/$6.49. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me!

MealPal just launched this week in Toronto, its first city in Canada. And it’s already in 8 other cities around the world including New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and London.

At the moment there are over 75 restaurants participating in the financial district in Toronto, and they have plans to expand as well. Some of these restaurant include local favourites like The Burger’s Priest, Calii Love, Kupfert & Kim, Pusateri’s, Kanga, Poke Guys, and more.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, or is there?
MealPal is offering you 5 free lunches to try out their service!
Sign up through this link:

MealPal lunch subscription service - Get 5 free meals!

I’ve been trying out the MealPal for the last few days and have been really liking it, and here are a few reasons why:

Helps me make better food choices – Most of the time, lunch is more of an inconvenient necessity for me. And because I don’t want to spend a ton, I usually end up something fast and unhealthy. But with MealPal, because I’m pre-ordering my food I actually think about what I plan to eat and make better food choices.

Try a variety of meals – I seem to always get stuck in a lunch rut, eating at the same few places due to convenience and laziness. With over 70 restaurants in the financial district in Toronto, I could easily try a different place everyday of the week.

Great value – It’s super hard to find a meal as cheap as $6.49 in the Toronto, and if you do, it’s usually a sacrifice of quality, choice, or both.

Convenience – With the app, it’s super easy to preorder your meal and pick it up. The lunch choices are clearly laid out for (always with a picture so you know what you’re getting) and you can use the map option to find places around you.

Here’s a pic of one of my tasty meals:

Pokè bowl for lunch today! I've been trying out @mealpalapp this week and it's been fun getting lunch at new places. Get 5 free lunches when you sign up: 🌯🍔🍱

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Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!
MealPal is offering 5 free lunches for you!
Sign up through this link:

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11 responses to “Lunching with MealPal”

  1. I have never heard of this service before. I like the idea of trying out new meals, and I am all for anything that is more convenient!

  2. Shannon Graham says:

    This is a great idea! I work from home but even for me, lunch is tricky.

  3. Jaime Nicole says:

    We have a meal service, and we LOVE it. I love the time that it saves me going to the grocery store!

  4. Sandy & Vyjay says:

    MealPal seems like the perfect answer to the meal woes. It is great that one has a choice of menus and restaurants. So lunch need not be monotonous and boring any longer.

  5. WEMAKE7 says:

    This sounds like a great way to eat a great lunch. Will have to try this out.

  6. Christine says:

    The link doesn’t work for me. Does it work for anyone else?

  7. chubskulit says:

    All of those looks super delicious and healthy. I would love to subscribe to this, it would save me time.

  8. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    The price for subscription is not bad at all. I am going to look more closely into MealPal and check their meal options. I might sign up for this service!

  9. My Teen Guide says:

    MealPal looks like a great way to have a healthy, tasty lunch without the fuss. I will check on their menu fare and tell my friends and family about it too.

  10. I need to create a line item in my budget for MealPal. This is exactly the sort of meal service I need in my life.

  11. gary says:

    when does this offer expire missy?


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