Getting Organized with The Day Designer by Whitney English

I told myself this year was going to be the year I actually get organized and get my goals all prioritized. So early in December I started searching for just the right tool to help me do this. Since I’m a visual person, I decided that a physical planner was what I needed to help me organize my time, goals and priorities. I was looking for a planner that was not only pretty, but functional and easy to use. After looking around at the range of agendas and planners out there, I finally decided on the the Day Designer by Whitney English. I preordered it December and I received it just at the end of the first week of January.

What’s unique about the Day Designer planner is its specifically designed for creative professionals, busy mamas, and girls-on-the-go. These days, many women find they have so much to do between work and family, and this is one book to help keep it all together! The idea behind the Day Designer, is create well-designed life and helping to provide clarity and to find balance in a busy modern woman’s life.

Day Designer by Whitney English

A glance at the goal setting section.

What I love most about this planner, is it takes some time to discover a little bit more about yourself, so you’re able to define your goals and priorities clearly. At the beginning the Day Designer, there is a mini workbook to guide you in defining your brand, mission and business plan along with your personal life. They worksheets are very detailed and allow you to harness your vision into something realistic for the year ahead. This is perfect for entrepreneurs, bloggers, moms, and all women who are trying to find a balance and prioritize between work and life. Then you’re able to tie this in with your goals for the year which are separated into Family, Financial, Career, Personal, & Spiritual. One of my favorite areas is the “Victory List”, where you can write your accomplishments and successes, because we all need a reminder of how awesome we are!

Each month starts off with an area for notes and full monthly glance calendar and a page for notes. This is perfect for writing in appointments and birthdays and other important dates and tasks. But the heart of Day Designer is the daily planning page. On each weekday, you’ll find a full page dedicated to each day, featuring four key components: top-three to-dos, a running to-do list, a robust schedule section, and an area to record a daily gratitude. Some other useful sections also include areas to write your dinner plans, things that are due, a reminder area, and the dollars you’ve spent that day.

Day Designer Planner Review

A look at the daily planning page.

Aside from being an overall great agenda to organize and plan your days, there are so many little touches that make it extra special. For example, everyday you’ll find an inspiration quote to get you motivated. And on the weekends instead of your instead of your top 3 to-dos, you’ll have a fun things to do area. And there are so many more thoughtful details that make the Day Designer so more than just an organizer.

I’ve been using it for just over week and I have to say I’m completely in love with it. It’s beautifully designed and well made with a sturdy cover and wire coil to allow pages lay flat when you’re writing. I also find it to be a great size, it’s big enough so you have enough room to write everything you need, yet not too large for a work bag or larger purse. It is a little on the heavier side, but I don’t particularly mind seeing as I using it mostly from my home office. Overall, I’ve found myself to be much more productive and much clearer in the tasks I need to do from day to day. The Day Designer is truly a wonderful daily planner. If you are interested in giving the Day Designer daily planning format a try, here’s a link to the Day Designer website, where Whitney has been graciously provided a free download!

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32 responses to “Getting Organized with The Day Designer by Whitney English”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I could CERTAINLY use this. I have a tendency to be scatter brained. Plus, they’re beautiful.

  2. Krystal says:

    That is just gorgeous! I love planners. I couldn’t live without them!

  3. Jeanine says:

    What a beautiful planner! I need to get a new one for my blog and this looks like a wonderful one!

  4. Kathy says:

    That looks like a really nice planner. I need to get myself one of these. I’ve been wanting to have a nice planner to keep myself more organized.

  5. I love everything about it! it is so pretty but beyond that I love that it provides guidance to help get organized. Great find!

  6. Robin Rue says:

    I am definitely one of those people who need to see it in writing, so this sounds like it would keep me organized really well!

  7. I love this planner – so beautiful. I don’t think I have seen a planner as beautiful as this both inside and outside to its cover, cool!

  8. Fi Ni Neachtain says:

    This planner looks so pretty! I love how detailed the pages are for making you sure you don’t forget anything.

  9. songbirdsandbuttons says:

    Wow, love how detailed this is! I use an Erin Condren – but I love the layout of this one too!

  10. It’s a beautiful planner! I definitely debated getting it too, in the end it’s not quite what I was looking for but so tempting!

  11. this is awesome. I am using Planner Pad for the second year in a row, but I am having planner envy looking at yours and I may need to get another one.

  12. Great. I ordered one but I think the mailman jacked me. I ended up getting overcharged for one from Ebay. It should be here this week. Can’t work to try it out.

  13. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I love using a planner. I like writing things down. I will have to order myself one.

  14. Erin Shebish says:

    What a gorgeous planner! I use a Plum Paper Designs planner but this is definitely something I’d look into… It’s so chic!

  15. Chrystal M. says:

    I had a really awesome planner a few years ago and the pages were discontinued. I have found a few printable pages that I like, but nothing like the original. This planner must be really popular because she’s all sold out.

  16. Cherri Littleton Megasko says:

    Some of those page layouts look really interesting and useful. Maybe I should go back to planning on paper rather than on my computer.

  17. ElizOF says:

    I like this Day Organizer as it has a very attractive cover and the sheets look large enough to accommodate different plans going on in our busy lives.

  18. Manu Kalia says:

    If I could have a planner just like this, I will be using it every time. Mine is a bit formal one.

  19. I couldn’t imagine life without a planner! Right now, I’m using the Epic Blog planner. 🙂

  20. ooo! I’ve been thinking about a designer planner. great to hear you love it!

  21. Natalie H. says:

    I’ve seen this before, it looks like the perfect blogger planner, to keep all the important stuff in one place. There’s so many great planners for bloggers these day.

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