Getting Fit: Up Band Review

Jawbone Up Band

Can the Jawbone Up Band help get you in shape?

For Christmas, my boyfriend got me and Jawbone UP band.  (How rude right?  Way to tell your girlfriend she needs to get her butt in the gym after a month of  indulging in chocolate, turkey, and empty alcohol calories. lol)  But in hindsight, it was probably the best Christmas present I’ve ever received.  The Up Band  has help change my whole lifestyle and how I went about getting fit.

What Is It?

The Jawbone UP band is a system that takes a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. It’s a wristband that tracks your movement, sleep, meals and daily activities through app on your phone! Then it takes all the data and makes it easy to access, view and crunch in different ways. From there, the app provides suggestions and relevant improvements  and  delivers insights that keep you moving forward.   The UP band also has a social aspect with gamification that allows you to connect to with your friends with Up Bands.

Here’s a summary of the Jawbone Up Band’s features:

What I Think About It

The key thing for me about the UP Band was it made me aware of how I was spending my time and what I what was putting in my body. I didn’t realize how many sugary treats I was eating all day long! Which was also probably why I didn’t sleep that well at night either. Once I became aware of what I was putting my body I felt more incline to make better eating decisions.

Through the phone app, the Up band allowed me to visually see what I how I was spending my days and what eating through my day.  Tracking everything from my gym workouts, to the calories I was consuming and how well I was sleeping.

Jawbone Up Band App (Trends section)

Here’s a screen shot of my favorite section call Trends. Here you can compare any 2 metrics that you’ve been tracking over a period of time.  This screenshot above displays calories burned vs. calories consumed over the period of a week.  You can compare anything and everything – waking hours to sleeping hours,  sugar consumption to overall calorie consumption – any stat you’re recording, you can compare to another.

I found having the Up Band with the phone app was very motivating for me. Seeing my progress and reaching my goals made me feel accomplished and strive for more. Having the app made it almost feel like I was playing a  game, where I wanted improve each day and reach the next goal.  Below is a screenshot of day in my Lifeline. You can easily view when I ate through the day across the bottom, and my levels of activity in the red and orange vertical bars.  (That 100%  means that on this particular day I just so happen to reach one of my goals of 10,000 steps.)

Jawbone Up Band App Screenshot - Lifeline

I would definitely recommend the Jawbone Up Band to anyone inspires to have better health.  It’s not just about tracking all the meals, sleep and daily activities,  but sums it up to provide the right information for better lifestyle choices. The whole experience makes you aware and motivates you in the right direction of better overall health. I personally found it key in helping me achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Do you have an Up Band yourself? Add me as a teammate,  I’m Eileen C and my profile pic is a little black dog.

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  1. caroline says:

    This looks amazing. I need one!

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