Solving Your Dress Dilemmas – UpBra Review

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So today, let’s get personal! Yup, that’s right, I’m talking about bras! I know it feels like a little taboo to talk bout bras, but I thought about it and hey, honestly we shouldn’t feel that way at all. We all wear them, have our individual struggles with them and there’s no need to be quiet about it.

Today I’m teaming up with Upbra to review their Convertible Strapless Bra and their T-Shirt Bra. They’re unique bra brand that make their bras with adjustable push-up that provides cleavage for small sizes, lift, and promises to stay up and in place. What I like most about their bras are that they’re customizable so you can feel good when you wear them with any dress or outfit. They’re uniquely designed and made in the US, and also promise to be comfortable, as well as making you look great, and so far I have to say I agree! 

Upbra review - flatlay jeans, bra, macaron & flowers

Upbra t-shirt bra review

Convertible Strapless Bra – Upbra Review

I’ve always struggled with finding a good stays-up strapless bra. They either didn’t give lift, stayed in place properly, were down right uncomfortable, or just didn’t look good under my dresses. I have to say that the Upbra Convertible Strapless Bra is none of these! When I first received my Upbra, I was skeptical and thought it may not be as comfortable, but after adjusting it, and trying it out for a few hours, I found that it wore quite comfortably, stayed in place, and gave great lift as well.

What’s unique about the Upbra is the ActiveLift Technology. At the bottom of the cups you, there are straps that you can pull and hook to tighten up the cups which give you more lift and cleavage. And you can control exactly how much you want. (And if you’re a little uneven you can even adjust for that as well!) I love the fact that you can personalize how much lift you want, because quite honestly, all our bodies are different, the customizable factor helps to make sure it fits comfortably for you, in a way that you like.  Check out the pic below to see the inside of the bra in more detail.

Another feature I really liked about the convertible strapless bra is that the band has rubber grip to it that really helps it stay put. It goes all the way around helping your bra stay in place all day. And the best part is since it’s convertible, it comes with straps you can add or take away to make it a regular bra on normal days too, so you can really make the most out of this bra. 

Upbra - how it works

T-Shirt Bra – Upbra Review

The Upbra T-Shirt Bra is great as well. It provides a clean seamless look, even when you’re wearing tops made of thin materials while being super comfortable too. Like the convertible strapless bra,  the T-Shirt Bra has the same adjustable feature at the bottom of the cups (though it might be a little harder to see in the pic above), so you can choose your pushup and lift to your liking.

I found the t-shirt bra was able to sit flush against my skin so no bra lines would show and it looked perfectly smooth and seamless as promised underneath my clothing. I also found the Upbra T-Shirt Bra to be a little more comfortable than the strapless version just because it was a little softer without the rubber grip, and the straps sat comfortably on my shoulders. 

Casual look with jeans white shirt - Upbra t-shirt bra review

Overall, I really liked both my Upbras, I can definitely see myself getting lots of uses for the convertible strapless bra with the various dresses I own, and the t-shirt bra is great staple to have as a part of any wardrobe. My favorite part of the bras was the adjustable factor, which allows you to wear them differently depending on your mood or what you’re wearing. They have a bra size calculator to help you get just the right fit, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing online. If you’re shopping for a bra any time soon I’d definitely recommend you check them out! 

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Solving Your Dress Dilemmas – UpBra Review

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