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August Favorites: Beauty, Skincare and Haircare

I decided to start a new monthly feature for all my favorite things that I’ve been trying out the past month. There’s no limit to what you’ll see here in this new monthly column, it can be anything from beauty to fashion to decor or just anything that I’ve come across and I fallen in love with. This month, has a mostly a beauty focus and I’m going to share all my current favorites in make up, skincare, and hair care


Hair Repair with Infusium23

I think it goes without saying that we all want healthier, shinier and more beautiful hair. If you’re anything like me, you probably put your hair through a lot. Between frequent color changes, daily heat styling, wear and tear from brushing and washing, I have to admit my hair is in a less than ideal condition. Check out my experience with Infusium23 and their hair repair products…