A Bright Idea to Save a Chipped Manicure!

Chipped to polished nails

Murphy’s law always applies to me – so of course I chip my freshly mani’d nails a few hours before I go out. But instead of starting from scratch, I’ve decided to build on what I have.  One little chip shouldn’t have to ruin all my nails.  So let’s save that chipped manicure and do a little easy nail art while we’re at it.

How to save a chipped manicure

  1. Start off by applying a base coat just to the chipped area. This will help even out the chipped surface as well.
  2. Use some tape to mark of the area you want to paint over. I used white french tip tape there, but scotch tape works just fine. (But make sure you touch it with your finger tips to make it a little less sticky so it doesn’t end up peeling off any of your polish.)
  3. Paint your tips, and peel the tap off while the paint is still wet. This will keep the line crisp, if you wait til your nails dry sometimes the tape will pull off more polish because it has dried in one piece.
  4. You can be done right after you peel your tape off, but I decided to take a skinny brush and add a glittery stripe for an extra touch of shimmer. (If you need some tips on painting stripes on your nails check out my blog post on tips for painting nail art stripes.) Finish it off with a top coat and voila!

Another great idea is creating an accent nail out of the chipped nail. That way you don’t have to redo ALL your nails 😉  I didn’t think of this until afterwards, but I’m sure I’ll have many more chips in the future I can make use of.

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A Bright Idea to Save a Chipped Manicure!