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DIY Bracelet: Glammed Up Hex Nut Bracelet

DIY glammed up hex nut bracelet

DIY Jewelry - Braided Hex Nut Bracelet

It’s DIY jewelry time!  Jewelry items are my favorite to craft, especially bracelets. I just love my arm candy! So for this tutorial, I’ve taken basic hex nut braided bracelet, and glammed it up by using black crystal rondelles and suede lace.  You could use  hex nuts, washers, or any flat-ish circular beads you have around the house to create this fun braided bracelet look.

Materials to make this DIY Bracelet:
  1. About 1 yard or 1 meter of suede lace, you could also your rope, leather lace etc
  2. 15-18 crystal rondelles (or hex nuts, washers, flat beads)
  3. Estimated craft time: 10 minutes or less

Lazy to shop for supplies? You can purchase my DIY kit for this bracelet at Yes Missy Accessories Shop!


 DIY Jewelry Tutorial for Hex Nut Bracelet

  1. Fold your suede lace into thirds and tie an overhand knot, leaving a 1/2 in loop in at the end. This will be become part of your bracelet closure in the end.
  2. Start doing a normal braid for about 1-1.5 inches
  3. Then continue braiding, but before you braid each strand over slide a hex nut or rondelle up to the top of the strand. Hold the hex nut securely, while you fold the braid the strand over and repeat with each strand of lace.
  4. To finish off your bracelet return to the regular braid.
  5. When you’ve reached the right length, tie off the ends in plain overhand knot.


DIY Jewelry - Hex Nut Bracelet


So have any easy DIY jewelry creations of your own to share?

Let me know in the comments below!


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  • Ashley McKernan

    Do you have an option for ‘too lazy to make’ or ‘too untalented to make’? HA.
    This is gorgeous, I hope you sell in your store!

    • Lol! You’re too funny, this one is extra easy to make though! But I will probably add it to my store soon! 🙂

  • Sam – DIY Huntress

    This is so cute and so simple! I love it!

  • Drew O’Bryan

    What size are those rondelles? 8mm or 6mm?

    • Hi Drew,

      The rondelles I’m using are 10mm ones in the tutorial. But I’ve used 8mm rondelles and they work nicely as well.


  • Jeannie Williams Marchiano

    Not understanding how it closes on you arm.