DIY Cut-Out T-Shirt Inspiration and Tips

DIY: Cut out t-shirt inspiration

DIY Cutout T Shirt Inspiration and Tips

Cutout t shirts have been appearing everywhere! But there’s no need to spend your hard earned cash – find an old t shirt and make it new and stylish again with a few snips here and there! My first attempt at a cut out t-shirt actually ended in dire failure. But, it was still a good learning experience, and I’m sure my next one will turn out a whole lot better. *fingers crossed* Anyway, I put together some tips so you won’t have to make the same mistakes as me. 🙂

DIY Cutout T Shirt Tips

  1. Get the right fitting shirt for your design: A loose fitting shirt will create a soft, draped look. Using a well fitted will created a more peek-a-boo look. If you’re looking to a design on the back, or a design with many cuts, I’d recommend a looser fitting shirt.
  2. The cut outs will always look bigger than you think: T-shirt material tends to curl, especially after you wash it, so start small and you can always cut off more later.
  3. Draw out a pattern on the inside of the t-shirt: This will give you a good guideline to follow, if you don’t have fabric chalk like me, opt for some light colored eyeliner.
  4. Use extra sharp scissors: This will help give you smooth even cuts.
  5. Have a good base: Give your t-shirt a good stretch out and lay it flat on a carpet type material to keep it smooth and in place while your snipping away.
  6. It’s not all cutting: It’s a combination of cutting and stretching to create the look!
  7. Patience: Take your time to cut carefully and create smooth lines, some of the t-shirts have many cuts in them and after awhile you just get plain annoyed it takes so long. But patience is key, so don’t rush through it.

I hope you found these tips helpful. I’d love to see some of your DIY cut out t-shirts creations!

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