20 Creative Washi Tape Ideas

20 fun washi tape ideas

So my latest DIY addiction is washi tape!  I bough a 3 rolls a couple weeks ago and I’m in love this stuff. If you’re not familiar with washi tape, the best way to describe it is colorful, pretty masking tape. I’ve been sticking it everywhere, using it for packaging, decorating notebooks; there are just endless possibilities. So I decided to compile a post of with my washi tape creations along with more washi tape ideas from around the blogosphere!

Decorative Power Cords:

Power cords have always been an eyes sore for me,  I hated the sight of them, all messy and scraggly. But with a little washi tape, now they’re fun and colorful. I just cut off small pieces of washi tape, and wrapped them around the cord in irregular increments to create this fun patten. This idea was inspired by DesignLoveFest.

20 Creative Washi Tape Ideas


Floor Decor

Instead of buying expensive rugs and messing around with flooring, just buy a roll of washi tape and make your own improvised rug or floor design!

20 Washi Tape Ideas

Wall Decor

Now that we’re doing some interior decorating, don’t stop at the floors, you can create wonderful wall patterns as well.  Create eclectic pictures frames right on the wall or try a this minimalist pattern that extends from the wall to the flooring.  Washi tape is also easily removed so you don’t need to worry about leaving marks on the wall.

20 Washi Tape Ideas20 Washi Tape Ideas


Door Decor

Doors are often a neglected when it comes to decorating, so why not create a fun washi tape patten, or even trim the edges for a peek-a-boo look when you open the door.

20 Washi Tape Ideas20 Washi Tape Ideas


Colorful Keyboard

I particularly love this washi tape keyboard  by Brit & Co. Simply cut washi tape into square that fit over the buttons, and you’ll have perfect little key covers for your keyboard.

20 Washi Tape Ideas


Cracked Phone Fix

Cracked your Iphone? No problem, washi tape to the rescue. A life saving idea by Craft & Creativity.

20 Creative Washi Tape Ideas


Washi Tape Magnets

These are some seriously cute fridge magnets. Just stick your washi tape to some strip magnets and you’re set.  Source: Spool and Spoon.

20 Creative Washi Tape Ideas


Fun Envelopes

Use washi tape to create decorative stationary with that handmade touch without the fuss. It can be as easy as lining the corners or rim, or cutting small pieces for creating little designs.

20 Washi Tape Ideas20 Washi Tape Ideas


Washi Tape Party Decor

Party season is right around the corner! Use washi tape to decorate glasses and serving utensils for create a themed party look.

20 Washi Tape Ideas


Turn Tiles Into Coasters

Take plain white tiles and cover them with washi tape. Then glaze with a clear coat like modge podge and now you have a pretty coaster!

20 Washi Tape Ideas


Washi Tape Vases

Use washi tape to decorate plain vases. You can even add elements like paper doilies to create a more textured effect!

20 Creative Washi Tape Ideas


Patterned Lamp Shade

Use washi tape to line the inside of a lamp shade. It’s a subtle touch that make the lamp shade look so much more stylish.

20 Creative Washi Tape Ideas


Add Cute Details

Sometimes a little washi goes a long way. Adding a single strip of washi tape to the panel of this Ipad makes it extra cute! This great idea is from www.agusyornet.com

20 Creative Washi Tape Ideas


Storage Boxes

Line plain storage boxes with washi tape to give them a pop of color.

20 Creative Washi Tape Ideas


Light Switches and Outlets

Decorate boring light switch panels and outlets for a little accent piece on the wall.

20 Fun Washi Tape Ideas


Personalized Notebooks

Make personalized notebooks by lining the covers with washi tape.  These pretty notebooks are by Two Purple Couches.

20 Creative Washi Tape Ideas


Pretty Tea Lights

Add some pretty to those plain silver tea lights.

20 Creative Washi Tape Ideas

Have any great washi tape ideas of your own? Share them below in the comments!


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8 responses to “20 Creative Washi Tape Ideas”

  1. Emily @ TwoPurpleCouches says:

    Thanks for including my washi notebooks! I love the other inspiration ideas you shared!

  2. onel says:

    Great round up! Washi tapes really do make everything looks cuter!

  3. Joyous Chanst says:

    Thanks for all the ideas! Finally i know what to do with my washi tape. Lovely idea~ Thanks

  4. I love the decorative tea lights!

  5. amandahi72181 says:

    After seeing this I bought several rolls (in many cute colors/patterns/styles) but I’m having a hard time wrapping the tape around things such as votive candle holders, cups, vases… basically anything round. Getting the tape to fit evenly all the way around & match up… Any suggestions?

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