DIY: How to Resize a Hat for a Perfect Fit

DIY: How to Resize a Hat

Don’t you think it’s unfair guys always have cooler hats than girls? I always find myself buying guy’s hats, they have more selection and just better style options in my opinion. The problem is they are often, if not always, too big!!  So here’s my DIY solution to help you resize a hat a so you can have the perfect fit!

  1. Materials: your oversized hat, scissors, 2 sided tape (or glue), and  some foam padding material. (I actually recycled some foam padding out of some new boots I just bought.)  Try to find foam padding  that is about  1/8 of an inch thick and about 4-8 inches long. The bigger the hat is, the longer you’ll need the foam padding strip to be.
  2. Take a look at the inner liner band of the hat and measure how wide it is. It’s about 3/4 inches in this hat. You’ll be going to be placing a strip of foam behind the band,  so cut your foam  strip a little bit slimmer than the band.
  3. Apply double sided tape to just one side of the foam strip.
  4. Take your hat and peel back the inner band at the back of the hat.
  5. Apply your the foam strip with the sticky side down to the inside of your hat. Press down on the foam strip to secure it.
  6. Fold the inner liner band back up and if you measured it right, it should just disappear behind the band!


Additional tips:

I hope this tutorial will come in handy for all you hat lovers out there!

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8 responses to “DIY: How to Resize a Hat for a Perfect Fit”

  1. Olga K'ay says:

    I really need a hat in my life, I ain’t got any! I didn’t even think about checking mens section, will do that!

  2. Great tip! I have a pretty small head, so even women’s hats end up being too big on me. Love your new site, by the way! It looks awesome!

    • Eileen YesMissy says:

      Thanks! I think they should hats in different sizes clothes, I mean everyone’s head is a different size. lol Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Eileen says:

    Thanks so much! I will definitely have more DIY’s on nails & fashion coming soon 🙂 Followed you on G+ too!


  4. Ricco says:

    OMG! Im so Gald I ran across this site! Im was about to throw away a hat I bought because it was way to big..

  5. Rebecca says:

    Thanks so much for this. I was so scared I might lose my fantastic new hat in the wind and now I know how to make a quick fix and keep it on my head!

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