DIY Pearl Hair Pins

DIY Pearl Hair Pins Tutorial

Pearls make everything just a little more glamorous. I first made these lovely pearl hair pins as part of my Designher Kit jewelry subscription box. I loved them so much I’ve since made at least a dozen of them! They are such pretty little hair accessories and so easy to make. This tutorial will show you how to make these lovely DIY pearl hair pins with a simple wire wrapping technique. With the gift giving season coming up, these pretty pearl hair pins would make great DIY stocking stuffers and little presents.

DIY Materials:

  • 2 bobby pins
  • 12-14 inches of thin wire
  • 12-14 pearls, depending on size – I’ve used 5mm pearls
  • Tools: pliers are nice, but not necessary
  • DIY time: 10 minutes or less

DIY Pearl Hair Pins Tutorial

  1. Gather your materials. I like to cut my wire into 7 inches pieces.  I find it’s easier to work with shorter pieces of wire.
  2. Loop the wire through the end of the hair pin and bend it so that it makes a little hook on the end. The shorter end should be just about 5mm.
  3. Twist the two ends together to combine and secure them. (This is where it is helpful to use pliers if you have them.) I find about three twists is enough to hold the two wire pieces securely together.
  4. String 1 pearl onto the wire and pull it through until it reaches the end of the bobby pin. While holding the pearl on top of the bobby pin, wrap the wire between the 2 prongs on the hair pin.
  5. Then continue adding pearls, wrapping the wire tightly between the prongs of the bobby pin after each pearl. To finish hair pin, wrap the wire around the end of the hair pin 3-4 times and trim off any extra wire.

With this simple wire wrapping technique you can get creative and add any types of beads to decorate your bobby pins!

DIY Pearl Hair Pins Tutorial

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