Bathroom Decor Inspiration: Chandeliers

When it comes to home decor, I think the bathroom is often a neglected place. Sure, people do bathroom renovations all the time. But often they are more for practical reasons than for aesthetic appeal.

While I was browsing on Pinterest, I came across the chandeliers in the bathroom trend and thought it was such a great idea!  It’s simple way to add a glamorous touch to the bathroom.

They give an elegant touch to the room and make a small or plain bathroom look stunning! Here are some different types of bathrooms all with chandeliers.

bathroom inspiration with chandeliers for lighting and decor.

The rest of the bathroom is pretty standard, but the chandelier makes it just so much more glamorous.  With the high ceilings the chandelier also brings a sense of warmth and coziness to the room.

Source: Homeclick Community

Elevate your bathroom with bathroom chandeliers - home decor ideas for your  bathroom by

The chrome touches paired with the chandelier gives this bathroom an exquisite feel. The chandelier is beautifully accented by all the natural light in the room.  

Source: Pinterest

Adding a chandelier to a small bathroom is a great idea too - home decor ideas by

Here is an example of a chandelier in a small bathroom. Even in a small space works well to create an elegant touch. The glow around the chandelier creates an illusion of a higher ceiling as well.  

Source: CasaSugar

elevate your bathroom by adding a chandelier - cottage inspired decor

This standard bathroom uses just a small chandelier, but it adds a beautiful touch to an otherwise simple bathroom. This is a great example of using a smaller sized chandelier. Even little accents can make a big difference to the room.

Source: Pinterest

vintage bathroom with chandelier

This cottage bathroom uses a more vintage style chandelier for a rustic touch. This room is a great example of a non-crystal chandelier that still brings elegance to the room.

Source: Homeclick Community

Bathroom decor ideas - add a chandelier for lighting for an elevated look.

Having a chandelier over the tub seem to be a popular trend. It adds a touch of luxury to a very every day place. Source: Neighborhood Builders

What do you think of the bathroom chandeliers trend?
Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Ashley McKernan
    December 5, 2013

    Gorgeous idea.

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