DIY Bracelet: Wrap Style Suede and Chain Bracelet

Jewelery DIY: Wrap Style Suede and Chain Bracelet

Wrap Style Suede and Chain Bracelet

Suede and chain bracelets have been becoming so popular lately. But they are often ridiculously expensive, so why not make your own?  And that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do! Here’s my version of a simple suede and chain bracelet done in a wrap style.

Gather your materials: You’ll need about 2 feet of cable chain, 2.5 feet of ribbon or suede lace and 2 beads (with large holes) to finish the ends.

DIY Chain and Suede Bracelet Tutorial

  1. Start off by measuring out the length of the materials for your suede and chain bracelet. Since, I’m making this to be double wrap bracelet, so I’ve measured the chain to be about 14 inches  which will around my wrist twice. The suede lace length will be about twice as long as the chain length. I’ve double the length to account for the lace to  wrap around my wrist one additional time and plus additional length for the ties.
  2. Take your suede cord and leave about 7 inches on the end and tie it to end of the chain. The last 7 inches will be for the ties.
  3. Leave the 7 inch end out while you start weaving the suede lace in a simple weave.  Weave the lace in and out through each of the  spaces in the chain links.
  4. When you come to the end of the chain tie another knot.
  5. To finish off the ends (not necessary, but nice). Add a bead to each end and tie a simple knot to keep it in place.

Easy peasy!

What I love about these suede and chain woven bracelets are all the variations you can create with it. Below I’ve taken 2 chains, bind them together to make it into a cuff, then used the same weave as above.

Jewelery DIY: Wrap Style Suede and Chain Bracelet

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14 responses to “DIY Bracelet: Wrap Style Suede and Chain Bracelet”

  1. xo Dee says:

    I love the way you layed out the directions, super easy to follow! Can’t wait to try.

  2. caroline1t says:

    This is one of those pieces that you pay quite a bit of money for in the stores…it’s lovely!

  3. NoxCreare says:

    I really like your blog .. congratulations! beautiful creations! I invite you on my blog .. .. let me know what you think .. I’m also a creative

  4. dawn says:

    great tutorial, thanks for your share! May I know which software did you use to make your tutorial?

  5. gloria says:

    I love it and I am new at this and I can do it. Thank you

  6. Nancy says:

    Very pretty bracelet, and very clear tutorial. Thank you.
    Would you please indicate what size chain you used.

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