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DIY Bracelet: Cross Style Chain Woven Bracelet

DIY bracelet chain & suede

DIY Bracelet - Tutorial for chain and suede bracelet

Another DIY bracelet using chain and suede? Yes, that’s right this is the 4th one in the series and I  still have lots of ideas on how to create new patterns and styles. This DIY bracelet binds to pieces of chain together by doing a variation of the simple shoe lace cross.

Materials needed:
– About 14 inches / 36 cm chain . I’m using 10×7 mm size chain.
– about 21 inches / 54 cm of suede lace.  I’m using 3mm width lace.
– Some jump rings and a clasp to finish off the ends.

To make things easy for you,  all the materials for this tutorial are available in a handy chain and suede bracelet kit available in my Etsy shop!

DIY Bracelet tutorial instructions:

  1. Start off by measuring and cutting the length of your chain for your bracelet. I’ve cut the chain for the standard 7 inch bracelet here. But for your personal perfect length, measure the circumference of your own wrist then add half an inch. 
  2. Next is the measuring and cutting the length of your suede lace. The length should be 3 times the length of your bracelet. So in my tutorial here I’ve measured it for 21 inches since I’m planning to have a 7 inch bracelet.
  3. Lay your 2 chains next to each other. Take your suede lace and loop and tighten it around the 2 inner loops of the 2 chain pieces to bind them together. It if you like you can tie a knot to make it extra section, but I find just looping it through is enough. Make sure both ends of the lace are the same length.
  4. Creating this cross style bracelet is very much like lacing your shoelaces. Take the 2 ends and cross them and thread them forward through the next chain link.
  5. You basically repeat this alternation the direct you thread through (front to back, or back to front)  to create this ‘X’ stitch. My photo tutorial between steps 5 to 8 show the exact movement of how the strands are woven for a little more detail.
  6. Once you come to the end of your chain, snip off the excess end of lace and secure ends by tying off and gluing the ends down with a hot glue gun.
  7. Add jump rings and clasps to finish off the bracelet.

All the materials for this tutorial are available in a handy chain and suede bracelet kit available in my Etsy shop!

And for more DIY bracelet ideas,
check out my DIY Chain Bracelet Series!

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  • Oh this is great! I love the tutorial…. I always the step by step in details!

  • Tiffany

    can you please do a tutorial video of the stitch/weave??? i cant do it right and it’s so frustrating!!!!

    • Hi Tiffany,

      I’d love to, but I don’t have the equipment to do a video at the moment. Where are you getting stuck? Maybe I can help you out.

  • michelle

    this is really cute!! where do you get the supplies?

  • Jessica

    hi! this tutorial is great!

    I seem to be getting stuck on setting it up.

    I’m a bit confused on steps 3 and 7 from the pictures…

    could you explain a bit more to me?

  • Ali

    Can you explain how you did the first link? I keep trying different things and it looks nothing like the picture.

    • Hi Ali,
      Basically I take the two inner links of the chains and just thread the lace through and cross them. Think of it as how you begin your lacing your shoe laces. Hope that helps you.


  • Annette

    I’m a basket weaver and I think this would make a cool handle for one of my baskets. It seems so easy and elegant at the same time. Love it!

    • What a great idea! It would make a good cool handle, maybe I will try to make it as a purse strap as well 😉

  • Masofhan

    I really like this bracelet but I am wondering if it is really a 10*7mm chain that you have used? I tried with a chain that I had at home that was 9*6mm and the suede looked weird, you could not see as much of it as one can in your pictures. Tried again after I had ordered some new chain that was 8*5mm and now it looks like your finished bracelet.

  • Guest

    I have tried to do this several times now. I am following your instructions very carefully and yet I have not once been able to get more than 2 crosses and my chain twists up and it quits crossing correctly. How do you keep the chain straight to weave the suede through without it twisting the chain around?

  • Cheytongs

    I have tried this several times and I am following your instructions very carefully. I get the first cross done and everything after that doesn’t turn out as a cross because some how my chain twists up and messes it all up. How do you keep the chain straight while weaving the suede in so that you get get clean crosses. I am at my wits end, and I really want to make this bracelet!

    • Hi there,
      Oh yes, the problem of twisting chains. I have also has this problem of trying keeping the chains always laid flat. What you can do is take some tape and tape the bottoms down flat to a board of even the table while you’re making it. Hopefully that will help! Or even if you use a safetly pin to pin the ends together, that also helps with twisting.


      • Cheytongs

        Thank you so much!! I can’t wait to try again using this method.

  • Jessie Jiang

    I absolutely loved this diy thanks for sharing! Turned out really nicely 🙂