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Abstract Needle Drag Nail Art

So what do you think of this abstract design? After seeing some gorgeous needle drag designs on Pinterest lately, and I thought it was about time that I try it out. It didn’t work out exactly as planned since this was my first attempt,  but I’m still happy with this abstract design I created.  This nail art is super easy to do, (like all the nail art I do 😉 ) and basically another “messy is good” tutorial.

Nail tutorial materials:

Step by step tutorial:

  1. Start off with one coat of your base coat on each nail. Wait a few minutes for it to dry.
  2. Apply our second coat, now you have 2 options here: wait for it dry a little or go to step 3 right away. Waiting for your second layer to dry will create a cleaner look, while going to step 3 right away will create a more swirly marbled mix of the 2 colors. (I waited a little too long between step 2 and 3, that’s why I didn’t quite achieve that marbled effect.)
  3. Apply your contrasting color to just the tips of your nail, like a sloppy french manicure. Then take your toothpick (or dotting tool or needle) and drag it out to create an wispy abstract design.
  4. Put a drop of your contrasting color on a piece of paper, and use your toothpick to dot on some splash dot marks near the base of your nail.
  5. Once it’s all dry finish off with topcoat and you’re all done!
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  1. Like it! Definitely something to try for me 😉 Also I love the combination of colors u used!

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