DIY Fashion: Studded Collar T-shirt

Style DIY: Studded Collar White T-shirt

DIY Studded Collar T-shirt

The white t-shirt is a closet staple, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!  I decided to dress up this plain white t-shirt by adding studs to the collar. This little bit of bling just makes that all the difference to this white tee.  This simple DIY studded collar project can dress up that old white shirt for a comfortable chic night out.

  1. >Materials:  Decorative studs + white t shirt
    Time need: 10 minutes
  2. Lay out your studs along the collar of the t-shirt.  Decide how far you apart you want to space them and see how many you’ll need.
  3. While your t-shirt is laid flat, press the stud into the collar of the t-shirt. Be careful not to stretch the material while you’re pressing the stud in.
  4. Next fold the prongs of the studs inward to secure them. I used a quarter to help bed the stud tips down and inward. You can use your fingers, but it gets painful after doing a few. So quarter is just something everyone has readily. If you have a thimble that would work well too.
  5. Repeat steps 2-3 until you’ve studded a complete row around the collar of your t-shirt.

Super easy, ultra chic, and so wearable!

DIY Studded Collar T-shirt

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  1. caroline says:

    I love this! How come I never thought to do this before?!

  2. Barbara says:

    aww this is so sweet! great for everyday..nicely done 😉
    I studded a top too, please have a look at:

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