DIY Roundup: 5 Fun and Creative Easter Crafts

It’s time for a DIY roundup!  Here are some fun, easy crafts you can do this Easter weekend.  Who knew you could do so many things with eggs?

1. Egg Shell Potted Plants

DIY roundup: Easy and Fun Easter Crafts  - Egg shell potted plants

An adorable little way to create a miniature garden!

Items needed: Dirt or potting soil), egg shells, moss, succulents, and flowers

Finishing touch: Try painting the egg shells too for an extra festive Easter touch.


2. Metallic Sharpie Easter Eggs

DIY roundup: Metallic Easter Egg Designs

Sharpie’s are the do-it-all of the craft world! Create these fun pretty metallic Easter eggs with some food coloring and metallic Sharpie pens.


3.  Message in an Easter Egg

DIY Roundup: Message in an Easter Egg I love this cute little messenger egg tutorial. How sweet would it be to crack and egg open to find a secret message? source:  

4. Bunny Plate

DIY Roundup: Bunny Plate Has all this crafting made you hungry? Now it’s time to have a snack on a cute little bunny plate! Ishtar used paint to create this fun ceramic plate. But for me I think the sharpie method would work well too! source:

5. Easter Eggs Made From String

DIY Roundup: Easter Egg Garland

Easter eggs don’t always have to be painted. This is simple tutorial shows you how to create these string egg frames with a little cornstarch , string and egg mold. You could even put in a little sometime special in the middle! source:  

Do you have any favorite Easter crafts you’ll be doing this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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3 responses to “DIY Roundup: 5 Fun and Creative Easter Crafts”

  1. Alysia Phillips says:

    These are the most beautiful crafts for Easter! I love the classiness of them all 🙂 Great job!

    I just posted an easy Easter Basket Tutorial on my blog! I would love for you to check it out 🙂

  2. Puppy luv says:

    So cute going to make string eggs!!!

  3. Puppy luv says:


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