How to Book & Save with Expedia Add-On Advantage

Looking to plan a vacation? Find out how EASY it is to plan travel and save with Expedia's Add-On Advantage! No Expedia discount code necessary, just book your flight and...

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Travelling is one of my favourite things to do, it opens up your mind, exposes you to new scenery and allows you to take a break from the mundane day-to-day life. The trouble with travel is that to get the relaxing part of the vacation, there’s also a good amount of planning and work that needs to take place first. Aside from booking your flight, there’s the whole other task of researching and finding a place to stay while finding it at the right price as well. But luckily, Expedia has a new way to simplify things while allowing you to save on hotels and accommodations with their Add-On Advantage program. I just got back from my trip to Montreal and used the Expedia Add-On Advantage to help me book my hotel and it made the process so much easier while saving me money too!

When you book with a flight with Expedia, there's no voucher code needed to automatically get a up to a 40% discount on hotels and accommodations for your Expedia vacation

How to save with Expedia Add-On Advantage

The Expedia Add-On Advantage program is an easy way to book your flight and hotel, all while saving you money when doing it. How it works is really simple. All you have to do is to book your flight, car, or vacation package with Expedia, and once you do hundreds of hotel and accommodations discounts are unlocked for you.

Add-On Advantage allows you to book with ease, flexibility and savings. You get discounted hotel rates when you add-on to your existing trip and it’s exclusively for Expedia travellers! The best part is you don’t need to feel rushed to book your hotel right away. With the Add-On Advantage you can take your time to book your hotel right up until the day of your trip, giving you time to find the perfect hotel at the right price for your vacation.

Relaxing at the BotaBota spa in Montreal

How I planned my vacation and saved on my hotel with Expedia Add-On Advantage

I started my trip planning on Expedia to search and see what flight options I had leaving from Toronto. I wanted to plan a getaway to somewhere that wasn’t too far away (long flights can be such a pain), but still had a unique vibe and had a good change of scenery. I quickly found a great deal on some flights going from Toronto to Montreal and booked them right away on Expedia easily in just a few clicks.

As soon as my flight was booked, the discounts for hotels and accommodations for the Expedia Add-On Advantage became unlocked and I was able to see all the discounts on the hotels they were offering. But I didn’t want to book my hotel right away. I wanted to take some time to do a little research and planning to see what areas I might want to stay in and what attractions I wanted to visit. That’s one of the perks of Add-On Advantage, you have up until the day of your trip to find the perfect hotel at the perfect price. So I took my time to do so. And once I felt ready, I revisited Expedia to see what hotel discounts I had waiting for me.

Save on hotel bookings with Expedia Add-On Advantage.The deals with Add-On Advantage were easy to spot with the little Add-On yellow badge at the right top corner of each hotel. I found a countless number of hotels in Montreal that were offering various deals in various locations around the city. But I was looking for something downtown and close Old Montreal as well and found the perfect hotel at a great price.

Saved on my Expedia hotel booked with Add-On Advantage

I booked my stay at Hotel Zero 1 and it was a perfect hotel for me. It was conveniently located in the heart of downtown just off St. Catherines street, their shopping district, as well as just a quick walk away from to Old Montreal AND was able to get 10% off with Add-On Advantage. It didn’t require any discount codes and I was able to easily book my hotel through Expedia without any fuss or trouble.

Booking with Expedia's Add-On Advantage not only gave me a discount, but

Hotel Zero 1 was the perfect stay for my vacation! Modern and beautiful, while being perfectly located and at a great price with Add-On Advantage

Loved all the architecture in Old Montreal, it was like being in Europe!

It was so easy to book both my flight and hotel through Expedia. I loved how Expedia’s Add-On Advantage allows you to take the time you need to book your hotel and not feel rushed, which also takes the pressure off planning and paying for your entire trip all at once. A bonus is having all my travel details in one place at Expedia, making things extra convenient as well. Booking with Expedia truly offers ease, flexibility and savings. So start planning your next vacation now with Expedia today!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Looking to plan a vacation? Find out how EASY it is to plan travel and save with Expedia's Add-On Advantage! No Expedia discount code necessary, just book your flight and...

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How to Book & Save with Expedia Add-On Advantage