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Growing up I had one pair of my glasses, I’d loathed it. I’d wear the same pair for a couple years until I out finally grew out of them and got a new pair. They were expensive, not stylish, never did quite match half my outfits, and really not at all fun to wear. When I was old enough to switch over to contacts, that’s the first thing I did. And I haven’t looked back, until now that is…

Prescription eyeglasses have really come a long way since then. Today, there’s no shame in wearing glasses, in fact they’re a must-have fashion accessory that adds personality and character. The industry of prescription eyewear has developed a lot in the past years, and glasses are becoming as important as sunglasses in most people’s wardrobe. Because eyeglasses have gained the position of a fashion accessory, a variety of styles started to be created and more designs have been available to allow for a pair that suits your personality, as well as your wardrobe. So I’ve teamed up with to share my new eyeglasses look with you today.

My new glasses from - a review on buying glasses online

Marc Joseph Method 50 glasses from - a review for buying glasses online from Clearly


As a pioneer in online shopping, Clearly first launched in the 2000’s selling contact lenses and that’s when I first got familiar with them. They sold them cheaper, delivered them right to my door, and made the whole process for me. And as the glasses trend started to grow in popularity, they started curated a selection of designer glasses and sunglasses as well. And it didn’t stop just there, driven by their passion to bring prescription eyewear to people who often found it out of reach, they started not only creating their on original style and exclusive brands. Today, has an incredible eyeglasses collection of  different shapes, colours, and styles  available, made to fit any taste and personality, all while being affordable and accessible.

Another aspect of Clearly that I admire is their mission to give back. With their Buy One, Give One program, Clearly has joined forces with the Essilor Vision Foundation to help bring improved sight to millions through their new initiative: for every pair of glasses purchased, they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need. As someone you wears prescription eyewear, I understand that sight is one of our most important senses that enables us to read, learn, work and enjoy life. Supporting this cause strikes a special place in my heart because I can only imagine how challenging life could be without having 20/20 vision.

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Buying prescription eyewear online is easy from

My Glasses Review

With my new found love of glasses, I’m always on the search for new glasses to accessorize my wardrobe. I already had a couple of fun pairs of eyewear so this time around, I was looking for something classic and polished. When I spotted this pair of Joseph Marc Method-50 glasses from Clearly, I was instantly smitten. A little bit vintage, with a dash of retro, these wire framed classic circular glasses were just what I was looking for.

Now I know what you’re thinking… buying glasses online without trying them out? I can’t do that… Well, I thought the same thing. But Clearly has a MyFit measurements to their glasses, which are actually measurements that all glasses have. All you have to to is take a look at your current pair on the inside of the arm and there are 3 little numbers that tell you the lens width, bridge width, and arm length. When you’re shopping for glass on Clearly, if you enter your MyFit numbers, you have the option of seeing only glasses that will fit your face. Now how easy is that?

Once I had chosen my frames, the next step is to choose my lenses. Clearly has several options, clear, Blue Reflect (for reducing lens glare and harmful blue light, sunglasses lenses (for outdoor use) and Transitions for both indoor and outdoor use. I decided to go for the Transitions, since I had always been curious about this technology. With Transition lenses, they automatically change from clear to dark as you move from indoors to outdoors. The technology has been around for awhile, but had yet to get a pair of Transitions for myself. Check out the comparison picture below where I’m in my bedroom vs. my bright living room (and they get even darker when I’m in full sunshine!). Pretty cool right?

Transition lenses change from light to dark when you move from indoors to outdoors

My new glasses from - Joseph Marc Method 50 glasses - YESMISSY

Overall, I’m very pleased with my glasses from Clearly. The shopping experience was simple, from browsing and finding appropriate frames for my face with the MyFit option to entering the all necessary information from my prescription. The ordering process was straight forward and once I placed my order my glasses arrived at my door in about a week. What I loved most was how affordable all the eyeglasses styles were, making it easy to own multiple pairs and build my glasses wardrobe. And of course, their buy one give one program made me feel good that while I’m shopping, I’m also helping someone in need. So the next time you’re looking for new glasses, whether it be prescription eyewear, sunglasses or even just cool frames if you’re going for the look, I’d highly recommend you check out

Buying glasses online - A review for

Joseph Marc - Method 50 glasses from - a review for buying glasses online from Clearly

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  • Jane
    August 8, 2018

    I am new to the world of glasses. They are so uncomfortable. Mine look like the newsreadersglasses on tv. She has similar to mine hair colour and they looked good on her. So I bought some similar ones

  • cindyannlowedavis
    August 8, 2018

    Hey Eileen,
    You are very photogenic, you’re home is lovely and also photogenic…and, I love your photographer!! Very nice-looking post.
    Cindy, DIY Bohemian

    August 8, 2018

    Your glasses look beautiful on you!

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