DIY Wrap Bracelet

DIY Chain Wrap Bracelet

Once upon a time this Juicy Couture gold charm necklace was my favorite item, I wore it day in and day out, layered with other necklaces or alone. It was my staple necklace, from casual days to nights out.  After a year or so, I fell out of love with it and it became abandoned in my jewellery box, waiting for the day I would wear it again. Recently, I rescued it from the depths of the dark closet and decided to make it “new” again. I still loved it very much, and couldn’t bear to part with it even though I have long grown out of the style.

So this is a story of second chances! I decided to breath new life into my old beloved necklace turn it into a new wrap bracelet with a little help of another old item – a neon t shirt.  Bracelets with blended materials and textures – such as gold chains, fabric, craft lace, and rope – have become such growing trend. This is a fun do-it-yourself project you can do with any of your necklaces – no tools required.

DIY Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

  1. Get your materials ready: Cut 3 strips of out of your t shirt, I recommend cutting them about 1/2 inch to an inch wide. They may look really thick, but if you’re using t-shirt material should curl up (like the picture above). The length of your strips should be about one and a half the length of your necklace. For example if your necklace is 20 inches, make sure your strips are about 30 inches.
  2. Braid away: Tie your 3 strands into a knot and do a simple braid. Once you get to the end, tie a knot to end the braid.
  3. Attach the braid to the chain: Undo one end of the knot and slip one of the strips into a loop in the chain. Then retied the knot to attach it to the bracelet.
  4. Twist away! Simply twist the the necklace and the chain together and once you come to the end, repeat step 3 with the other end.  Once you are done tying the know, clip the excess ends of the t shirt braid for a cleaner look.

I found that my chain and braid stayed pretty well twisted together without unraveling, though I could see the possibility of  smaller chains unravelling a little.  But once you actually wear it, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. To wear your bracelet, just wrap it around your wrist and use the clasp that was already part of your necklace. Enjoy your new piece of arm candy!

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