How to Embrace Change and Why It’s Good for You

Changes happens no matter what. Understanding how to embrace change and welcome it can help your outlook on life and how you handle challenges that come your way.

In this past year has been roller coaster full of changes for all of us. Covid has changed the way we work, travel, and even go about our day-to-day lives in ways we could have never imagined. And learning how to embrace that change has been a challenge for myself and I’m sure many others as well.

With the change of seasons, I thought it would be fitting to talk a little about how to embrace changes, both positive and seemingly negative changes. I know first hand that change isn’t always easy. But the truth is, learning how to accept life changes are part of the forward progression in life and embracing change rather than fighting, it will always be better in the long run.

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How to Embrace Changes in Life

Tips on how to handle change in your life whether it's welcomed or not.

Change happens no matter what

You know the saying, “the only thing constant is change.” It’s pretty much one of the facts of life. Everything is constantly changing, the seasons change, your situation changes, and just about everything is in a constant state of flux.

I know we can all agree adjusting to changes can be difficult, but also important. But why do we struggle with change? That’s because your brain is wired to do the same thing over and over, regardless of whether it’s is good or bad for you. Often you do things for so long you don’t even know why you do them any more.

Even though going through changes in your life can be challenging, but the positive consequence can be really awesome once you get through the bumps in the road.

The beauty of change and impermanence

The impermanence of life is one of the things that make it so beautiful and unique. Many changes can can have positive outcomes, and even the ones that haven’t been ideal, allow for growth and progression.

Change can allow for many things to be possible. It can allow you to enjoy new experiences, develop new skills and ideas, learn new knowledge and information, and achieve great feats.

Change can help you transform and have breakthroughs. You’ll never know what can become and what can happen until you do.

Think of change as positive thing

I fully believe change is good for you. Even when things seems tough, you are learning and growing as a person. Change can happen slowly or overnight, either way, try not to fixate on the things you can’t make a difference on.

Learning how to deal with unwanted to change is about finding acceptance. And that is definitely a lesson that takes time. But just like everything else in life with, with practice and patience you will discover that focusing your time on things you can control will result in growth and resilience.

When it comes down to it, change is all about personal development. You need to learn to be flexible enough to go to with the flow, while keeping your eye on the goal.

Embracing change and looking at it as an opportunity

It’s typical when we get in routine of doing things, we rarely venture to try new things. But with new changes in life, work, and situations forces you out of your comfort zone.

Learning how to embrace change allows your assumptions get challenged and along with that your opinions, mindset, and routine of life. As a result, you must find a new way do to things and look at things. And the biggest changes often provides a new chance to reevaluate what you really want out of your life.

It’s human nature is to focus on how changes can negatively affect you. We often forget is how much of a positive opportunity change can present. Remember that your mindset is everything, how you look at the change will determine how it effects you.

Instead of looking at how is disrupts your life, look at the doors it opens and how you can take advantage of it. Whether it’s as small change in your work schedule or as big as moving across the country, the possibility is all up to you.

Tips on how to embrace change and how learning to do so will help improve your life.

Just know that whatever you’re going through, change is a natural part of life. Everyone is facing their own changes in life.

Change can be a good thing your life and learning to embrace chance will help you grow. At the end of the day, we’re all stronger from the experiences we go through.

Have any tips you’d like to share about how to embrace change?
Let me know in the comments below!

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4 tips on helping you embrace change in you life.


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  • daniellemomof8gmailcom
    September 3, 2018

    I love that you make change sound empowering! Change scares so many I can imagine the mindset change if we seen change as a positive.

  • jennybhatia
    September 3, 2018

    This is a pretty, summery, classy dress and necklace and looks beautiful on you. The post is a great reminder to view change as a positive thing and be flexible. Some people have such difficulty with change and it can create lots of anxiety. Change isn’t always a negative thing.

  • John Mulindi
    September 4, 2018

    Really inspiring post with lovely photos. Really got some inspiring tips from the article. Thanks for sharing.

  • gursimrat
    September 4, 2018

    Hey Eileen, great post. It is really inspiring and beautiful. All the pics are so cute and I love the dress. Yes change is the only thing which is constant. And as humans, we should embrace change with happiness and enthusiasm for the new. Thanks for sharing.

  • Radi
    September 27, 2020

    I know in the end changes happen for the best but sometimes it’s super hard to accept change. That’s something I want to get better at!

  • alimackin2013
    September 29, 2020

    Ah yes change is not easy for some people. In particular people who have little hardship or challenges in their lives. But it comes to all us at one point or another. Great tips here! And lets hope there will be change in 2021 and that it will NOT be the same as 2020.

    Allie of

    • Eileen
      September 29, 2020

      Thanks Allie! Agreed, hopefully 2021 will have a few less surprises for us!

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How to Embrace Change and Why It’s Good for You