Winter Look: Blanket Scarf & Long Wool Coat

Cosy Winter look: zara scarf and hm wool coat, fur ear muffs.
The Vancouverite in me is ready for Spring, but Toronto’s weather gave me a friendly, but snowy reminder that the Winter season lasts just a bit longer out here. But quite honestly, I don’t mind the snow so much, I actually quite love it. It’s always so magical watching it fall. I thought I might as well get outside and enjoy it.

Love this plaid scarf, so cozy and colorful! Winter streetstyle OOTD

Cute Winter OOTD streetstyle look: plaid scarf and beige wool coat

When it comes to staying warm, it’s all about layers! Today I’ve pair my Canadian tuxedo (denim shirt and black jeans) with a long beige wool coat and over-the-knee suede boots, topped off with a extra cosy plaid blanket scarf and of some fun furry ear muffs. This easy look is warm and comfortable enough to wear outside, but layers come off nicely once I’m back in indoors.

Cosy Winter OOTD streetstyle look: plaid scarf and long wool coat, fur ear muffs Easy Winter OOTD look: plaid scarf and long wool coat, fur ear muffs

Full outfit details:

Top: Chambray by Club Monaco (similar)
Bottom: Black Denim by Rag and Bone
Shoes: Suede Over-the-Knee by Aldo (similar)
Accessories: Fur Ear Muffs from Hudson’s Bay
Accessories: Blanket Scarf from Zara

Snow day: long cool coat and soft plaid scarf. So cute!

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17 responses to “Winter Look: Blanket Scarf & Long Wool Coat”

  1. Joely Smith says:

    I can not for the life of me decide which I love more! The coat which is fantastic – or the scarf which has the prettiest colors! I guess I would go with the scarf since I can’t afford the coat lol

  2. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says:

    That scarf is so great! I love the look of a blanket scarf, and this one is super cute!

  3. Lisa Favre says:

    I’m always checking out the checkered blanket scarves that the ladies seem to be wearing this season. It’s about time I pick one up for myself!

  4. WhispersInspire says:

    Love the scarf! Gotta get myself one!

  5. How in the world do you look so adorable when it is so cold outside? I’m loving your scarf. I have a similar one, I just need to style it the way you do!

  6. Oyinkan Ogunleye says:

    Yesssss love that you’re still fabulous during the snow!

  7. Kathy Ramsey Myers says:

    I love this scarf. The colors are gorgeous. I have never been able to rock this look probably because I am fluffy!!

  8. I really like the scarf. It makes your outfit pop.

  9. Jenn says:

    I love the whole ensemble. Definetely perfect for fall and winter weather!

  10. Christy Garrett says:

    This is a cute scarf and it is something that my daughter would love. She is in DC and probably needs it to keep warm.

  11. Catvills says:

    I love the scarf. You look warm and very comfortable in your outfit.

  12. Lynn Dee says:

    Love the outfit! And that scarf is fab. I’ve always love plaid and I have a lot of ’em in my closet. 🙂

  13. Ricci says:

    I absolutely love blanket scarves!! I need to wear mine a few more times before it’s time to hang it up for the year!!

  14. MrsMuffinTop © says:

    Not to coin your opening phrase, but…. The Calgarian in me misses the snow and would love to rock that incredible outfit, but the California weather never gets that cold, so.. 🙂 Maybe for my next Tdot visit.

  15. Tracy Iglesias says:

    Such a cute blanket scarf! We get super cold winters here in NYC as well, but still gotta keep it cute so I like this look a lot!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  16. Deborah Cruz says:

    What a beautiful scarf! It looks super cozy.

  17. Aziel Morte says:

    Love the outfit! As it turns out, “blanket scarves” — the thick, flatly woven mufflers
    that look an awful lot like our favorite childhood blankies — aren’t
    just cute accessories.

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