40 Easy Beauty Treatments You Can Do at Home When You’re Bored

For better hair, skin and nails here are 40 at home beauty ideas to try while you're bored

These days we’re spending more time at home than ever, which means we also have more time than ever to indulge yourself with some at-home beauty treatments.

A few months ago, we hardly had enough time to do a sheet mask once a week, but now that we’re stuck at home, we have more time than ever to focus on ourselves, which can be a very good thing!

Amid social distancing and a heightened need for self-care, now is a good time to consider trying out new beauty treatments or even some familiar ones for a little extra pampering

From brightening your complexion to fighting frizz and conditioning your cuticles, has your whole got whole body covered. Here are 40 at-home beauty treatments to pamper your self and help you look and feel your best even if you’re just stuck at home.

At-Home Beauty Ideas to Try Right Now

40 ways to pamper yourself with these easy at-home beauty treatments for face, hair, skin and nails.

At-home beauty treatments for your face

1. Take it easy with a sheet face mask

Sheet face masks are probably the easiest at-home beauty treatment to show your skin little love with minimal effort.

I love sheet masks with brightening ingredients like Vitamin C, or hydrating ones with Hyalauronic Acid leave skin soft and plump.

2. Make a cling wrap mask

Okay, time to level up! Let’s take your sheet mask and make it a cling wrap mask. It’s a Japanese technique that utilizes cling wrap on top of your sheet mask or a cotton fabric mask to maximize its benefits.

The idea is to soak a thin cotton face mask in water and serum (or just use a sheet mask), then apply it to your skin, followed by cling film all around your head. (Leaving open areas around your nose and mouth to breath of course! )

The heat created encourages pores to open, so the active ingredients will be absorbed deeper into the skin, boosting collagen resulting in smoother and rejuvenated skin.

3. Do a peel-0ff mask

Not ready to wrap your face in cling wrap? Well a good peel off mask is just as satisfying.

A good peel off mask gently removes a thin layer of all the dead skin cells and surface dirt from the pores, which leaves skin feeling smooth.

4. Say bye-bye to blackheads a Biore pore strip

There is something just bizarrely satisfying about using Biore pore strips.

This popular at-home beauty treatment helps to removes unwanted build up and blackheads by literally yanking them out of your skin. And inspecting the strip afterward, well that’s just entertainment itself.

5 . Treat those tired eyes with an eye mask

With all those late nights of watching Netflix, a good eye mask can help treat signs of fatigue and aging, as well as brighten the whole eye area. Here are a few of my favoruites below.

6. Get your skin to glow with a skin peel

If you want your skin to glow, exfoliation can help banish a lack luster completion.

Skin peels are a great at-home beauty treatment to help your brighten and exfoliate skin. Ingredients like glycolic or salicylic acids, which are typically found in peels and pads, are known to smooth and really bring out a glow in the skin. 

7. Keep those brows in shape

Tweezing and shaping your brows not only defines your eyes, but also frames the entire face. So it’s nice to keep your brows maintained even if you’re not going out a whole lot.

8. Use a brow tint kit to tint your brows

Tinting your eyebrows is a simple grooming treatment can make a major difference in your appearance plus it lasts for a few weeks so you can wake up looking good which is always a bonus!

9. Add dermarolling to your beauty routine

Using a dermroller was probably the best at-home beauty treatment that happened to my skincare routine.

Dermarolling is an at home beauty treatment that uses a mini wheel covered with tiny needles to gently prick the face.

With regular use it’s very effective for clearing acne scars, fading fine lines, and evening out skin tone and texture while helping your skincare perform better by penetrating deeper.

It’s one of my personal favourite skincare tools and you if you’re curious, this post on Best Beauty Tools I Can’t Lve Without goes into more detail on how to use it and its benefits.

10. Try Dermaplaning

Not to be confused with the dermarolling, dermaplaning is an exfoliating process that will leave your skin softer and brighter. 

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment that removes peach fuzz and dead skin with the tiny scrape of a scalpel.

11. Sculpt your face with a Gua Sha

Gua Sha is practice of traditional Chinese medicine that has recently become a fun insta-popular facial care technique.

It utilizes a smooth tool usually made of jade or rose quartz to massage the skin and increase blood flow and decrease inflammation.

We can hold lot of tension in our face, and it’s also where we can retain extra fluid, puff, or shadows. Both gua sha and jade rollers (below) help to soothe your skin, roll out the kinks, boost lymphatic drainage, and calm your soul.

In addition to helping your complexion look significantly more radiant, you can feel better and more relaxed. If you’re interested in reading more about this, check out Ella Pretty Blog’s post on facial rollers!

12. Stimulate skin with jade rolling

Jade rollers are another at-home beauty treatment that helps to stimulate blood flow in your face.

Jade rolling is an at-home beauty treatment that utilizes a paint roller–type tool for the face made from solid jade stone. There are also rose quartz versions as well!

Much like the Gua Sha, it’s massages and soothes the skin. It’s a more gentle approach if you have more sensitive skin. It helps to decrease puffiness, under-eye circles, and even minimize the look of fine lines.

To use, apply gentle pressure while rolling the tool from the centre of your face in upward and outward motions.

13 . Upper lip wax

Though facial hair is normal for both men and women. It’s nice to look groomed even it you’re just at home. This can easily be done with an at home wax/sugaring kit.

14. Get kissable lips a DIY Lip Scrub

Lips often get forgotten when it comes to skincare, even though they’re just as exposed and get put through even more with all the eating and drinking we do.

Give them a little TLC by combining sugar and coconut oil for an at-home lip exfoliating treatment.

15. Whiten your teeth

Everyone loves a beautiful bright smile, but we all love coffee (and red wine) as well right?

Well lucky for us there are plenty of at home teeth whitening kits that make it easier to maintain that beautiful bright smile.

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At home beauty treatments for your hair

16. Give yourself a scalp massage

It’s no secret that the ticket to healthy hair starts with the scalp.

When your scalp is laden with lingering dead skin cells and product buildup, it makes it much harder for your hair to grow and thrive properly. 

Scalp massagers are handheld, brush-like devices that work to both stimulate and exfoliate the scalp.

Using the tool for about five minutes a day on wet or dry hair. I like to use mine in the shower when I wash my hair with shampoo to give my hair a deep clean.

17. Give yourself a scalp treatment

Now that you’re massaging your scalp, you might want to add a scalp treatment in as well!

Scalp treatments are like a deep condition mask you do for your hair, but for your scalp. It’s a nice thing to do every now and to care for where you hair actually grows from.

Best of all most scalp treatments are applied in the shower so they’re not bothersome to your day at all.

18. Perfect your blow out technique

Getting the perfect blowout is a real art. It’s done using a hair drying and round brush to create smooth and sleek look, style with no no curling or flat iron involved.

It’s a time consuming process to learn, but such a great skill to have once you’ve mastered it. Check out my post on how I mastered the blow out with this innovative hair tool.

19. Restore your hair with an Olaplex Hair Perfector Treatment

Olaplex has become a household name with salon goers, but now you can do your own Olaplex hair treatments at home too.

Olaplex concentrated treatment that strengthens the hair from within, reducing breakage and improving its look and feel leaving it shiny, smooth and strong.

20. Have some fun with wash out hair color

If you ever wanted to try some wild coloring with your hair, now is the time.

Wash out hair color is a fun way to give your hair little make over without the commitment or the damage.

21. Practice perfecting those curls and waves

These days I can curl my hair and be out the door in 8 minutes or less. But it wasn’t always that way.

Now that we have a little more time at home you can practice getting the perfect curls so that when we’re back to our regular hectic schedules you’ll be a pro and getting your hair done quickly!

22. Give yourself a hair cut (if you dare!)

Whether it’s just trimming your bangs or getting rid of those split ends. At some point you may want to try to give yourself a little hair cut.

23. Try a fun new hairstyle of updo from YouTube

With so many great hair tutorials on YouTube, spend some time to learn how to do a new hairstyle or updo. Whether its a braided look or getting creative with scunchies.

At-home makeup ideas to try out

24. Try out magnetic lashes

Now that I can’t get lash extensions anymore, I’ve been searching for new ways to get my lash fix.

Magnetic eyeliner and lashes are a great alternative that doesn’t use adhesive and makes it easy for every day use. Here are a few of my favourite picks below.

25. Grow long lashes with an eyelash enhancer

Lash enhancers are a great way to help your lashes grow in fuller, darker and longer. There are a number of effective ones out there these days and below are a few that I love.

26. Perfect your smoky eye

You’re probably not wearing makeup every day anyway these days, but it’s always fun to play around and create a smokey eye look with deep colours for those girl’s night in Zoom parties.

27. Experiment with contour

It’s amazing how contouring with makeup can change your look. Spend a little time to see playing with creating light and shadows to sculpt your face or just change up your look.

28. Try a different eyebrow shape

Brows can really define the your face so changing up their shape can make a big difference. Try a different brow shape and see what other shapes might also work with your face.

At-home beauty treatments for your body

29. Take a bubble bath

A bubble bath is a fun way to relax and unwind, and as well as let your inner child out during bath time.

30. Make some DIY bath bombs

Want to level up your bath? Well you can try making these easy DIY bath bombs for bath time.

31. Mix your own essential oil mix for your diffuser

With all this relaxing bath time, you might want to try mixing up your own scent by combining some essential oils.

32. Try dry brushing

You probably brush your hair, and your teeth, but do you brush your skin?

Dry brushing has many potential benefits, from smoother skin to helping with lymphatic drainage.

You can do this at-home beauty treatment before showering, gently brush your skin towards your heart to stimulate the skin.

33. Do a full body scrub

Give your skin the royal treatment with an all over body scrub.

34. Give yourself a self-tan

I’m sure we’re all looking a little pale from being indoors all day, so why not give yourself a little glow with self tanner.

35. Take a cold shower

There are many potential health benefits of taking a cold shower include strengthening the immune system, feeling invigorated, and boosting mood.

36. Clean up your bikini line

There is a quiet confidence that comes along with a well groomed bikini line so take a little time to tidy things up down there.

37. Indulge yourself with some DIY body butter

Make yourself this easy, but luxurious DIY mango butter to moisturizer your skin all over. It will be fun to DIY plus a great moisturizer for your skin.

At-home beauty treatments for your hands & feet

36. Show your hands some love with a manicure

With all the hand washing we’ve all been doing, it’s time to show your hands some TLC with a massage and at-home manicure.

37. Try a dip powder manicure

Unlike regular manicures, dip powder manicures are an at-home beauty treatment that can last up to a month.

The colour comes from dipping your nails into a pigmented powder, rather than painting on streaks of liquid. The result is a flawless, even coat, that looks like gel polish that you can do at home.

38. Give some TLC for your feet with pedicure

Not let’s not forget about our feet! And at home pedicure is another easy at-home beauty treatment you can do as well.

39. Have fun with some easy nail art

If you don’t have a steady hand (like me), these at-home nail kits are impossibly easy to apply, actually stay put, and come in an array of cute, minimalist nail art designs you’d otherwise pay top dollar to have done professionally.

40. Try an exfoliating foot peel

You’ve likely seen Baby Foot floating around the internet. Babyfoot is basically an at-home beauty treatment for your feet that removes the unsightly, dead skin cells on your feet that build up over time

It’s kind of scary how effective it is, and definitely not something you want to do in front of other people. But the results have the whole internet raving. So if you ever wanted baby soft feet, here is your solution.

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Now we have more time, let's use some of that to pamper ourselves with some at-home beauty treatments for hands, feet, hair and skin! #stayinspired #DIYbeauty #beautyideas

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Hope you these at home beauty ideas have you inspired to show yourself a little more self care. I’d love to hear what beauty treatments you’ve been giving yourself as well. Let me know in the comments below!



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  • Sonia Aicha
    May 17, 2020

    So many great ideas, I am huge fan of sheet face masks and home pedi, Dr teals products are amazing !!
    definitely going to try skin peel for more glow this summer,
    thanks for sharing !

    • Eileen
      May 18, 2020

      Thanks Sonia! I just got a bag of Dr. Teals bath salts actually, love them too!

  • Ella Pretty
    May 18, 2020

    Awwww thanks for linking to my post There are SO many good ideas here – indulging in a beauty treatment during these times is so important! I’m trying to figure out how to give myself a spa pedicure lol! Am thinking of getting one of those foot bath machines or at least get marbles to put in a container for a foot massage

    • Eileen
      May 18, 2020

      You need to try those Babyfoot exfoliation peels! They’re sold out everywhere right now though 🙁 The foot bath with marbles is a good idea too! I need to show my feet some extra TLC as well!

  • Rach
    May 18, 2020

    This list is incredible!! Since we are quarantine, this is the perfect time to be able to do this!


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