Nail DIY: Starburst Nail Tutorial

What is a new year’s celebration without a little bit a glitter? Adding a bit of sparkle is an easy way to bring the festive spirit to your nails. This tutorial will show you how to create glittery starbursts with just couple colors of polish and a nail dotter or nail brush.  Like all my nail tutorials, it’s super simple and can be done easily and quickly! 😉

Starburst nail tutorial

Starburst Nail Tutorial

  1. Start off with 2 coats of your base color. Wait for the base coat to dry so you won’t have any mixing of colors when you add your nail art.
  2. With a different color polish make a small dot with your nail brush or nail dotter. This will serve as the center point for your starbursts.
  3. Lightly pull the color outwards and away from the dot to create a starburst. You should be able to do a few strokes before having to re-dip your nail tool in polish.
  4. Wait until your starbursts are dry, then apply your top coat.

I’ve created my starbursts off to the side, but you can create them in the center of your nails or where ever you like!

Happy painting!



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Nail DIY: Starburst Nail Tutorial