DIY Hermès Kelly Bag – Origami Paper Craft

DIY Hermès Kelly Bag Pattern Tutorial

DIY Hermès Kelly Bag

The DIY Hermès Kelly bag is one of the more iconic and memorable ‘it’ bags of all time. Named after the famous actress and princess Grace Kelly, it has been one of the sought after and coveted bags.

While I was searching for some fun origami craft projects, I came across this amazing DIY Hermès Kelly Bag  pattern from Content in a Cottage.  It was originally posted on the Hermès site, but is sadly no longer available there. Lucky for you, the internet has a good memory!

From this pattern, you can create your own DIY Hermès Kelly bag from just 2 sheets of paper! Just download the PDF pattern, cut it out, then fold together,  and  Voilà!  You’ve created an origami style Kelly bag!

If you make it on an 8 x 11.5 inch paper, it should come out about the size of a little gift bag. It would make the perfect little way to wrap a little present for someone special.

I can’t get over its uber cuteness.  The best part it, you can personalize it any way you want.  Try printing it on a colored or textured paper stock, or even create your own personal drawing/painting on it.  Here are examples of 2 painted versions!

DIY Hermès Kelly Bag Pattern Examples

Download the pattern and make one yourself! –  Hermes Kelly Bag Pattern

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7 responses to “DIY Hermès Kelly Bag – Origami Paper Craft”

  1. stylecrumb says:

    Ohmygosh that is adorable!!
    I am going to try it right away.
    and then procceed to google other branded ones too haha
    xx Karen.

  2. Irene says:

    Clever! This is such a lovely gift bag for a girlfriend’s birthday. Thanks for sharing. I will be making one.

  3. caroline1t says:

    Those bags are so great, I love the patterns!

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