100 Nights with Endy

Endy mattress review: online mattress sales are changing the way people buy beds..

Okay so who doesn’t love sleep? But good sleep, well that’s a whole other story. The thing about sleep is you probably don’t even know what you’re missing until you have ‘good’ sleep. You may not realize it, but wrong mattress can result in sleepless nights of tossing and turning, it’s no wonder you wake up groggy and tired. But the right mattress will alleviate all those problems and help you wake up rested and refreshed. After all, a better day starts with good sleep.

For the last 8+ years, I’ve been sleeping on the same mattress with no thought to it. Sure, my back was sore sometimes, I had trouble falling asleep, but I chalked it up to to being normal and part of life. But the last year or so, things started to get worse, I was always tired during the day, I felt like I couldn’t ever get enough sleep. I knew that something had to change. So in search of better sleep, I’ve teamed up with Endy to put their Canadian-made foam mattress to the test for an Endy mattress review.

Keep reading to see how I felt after sleeping on an Endy mattress for 100 nights…

Endy foam mattress review: this bed in a box is comfortable as it is convenient... Endy sleep review: after spending 100 nights sleeping on the Endy mattress, this is how I felt...

About Endy

Endy is a Canadian company that is revolutionizing the mattress industry. With the goal of making the mattress shopping experience an easier process, they’re bypassing the traditional brick and mortar retail to make shopping for sleep products simple though their online ecommerce store. In addition, to making shopping for a mattress easier, they also believe in providing good value for their product. By keeping the entire production of the Endy mattress in Canada, they are able to provide a the best foam mattress at a better price to their Canadian customers. And it doesn’t stop there, the whole delivery process is easy too. It’s quick and painless with their mattress in a box concept where it’s delivered to your door and in a reasonably sized box and unfolds and expands like a sponge in water.

I know that you may have your doubts with buying a mattress online, but Endy has a 100 night sleep guarantee that will put those thoughts to rest. And if you don’t absolutely love your Endy mattress within the first 100 nights, Endy will come pick it up for free and provide a full refund, no questions asked.

Are you curious to hear my Endy mattress review after 100 nights? Keep reading… 

Memory foam mattress review Canada - deliver to your door with a 100-night money back guarantee.

Endy mattress review - why it's a game changer for sleep

My Endy Mattress Review – 100 Nights with the Canadian-Made Endy Mattress

It’s been 100 nights in my Canadian-made Endy mattress, and the results are in. I love it, no lie. I can’t believe I slept on something so uncomfortable for so long and my only regret is that I didn’t get one sooner. The Endy foam mattress is incredibly comfortable, providing support in all the right places while still giving you a soft hugged feeling when you sleep in it.

The Endy mattress has an all foam construction made of three layers totalling 10 inches in height. These foam layers provide support that is firm enough to keep you propped up and well supported, while being soft enough to feel super-comfortable all at once. Additionally, it has a cover made of thin polyester stretch blend that helps keep it breathable allowing airflow through the mattress. It’s a soft material and has a micro-quilted texture, which gives it a lovely cozy feeling.

Another feature of the Endy mattress that I really liked was the minimal motion transfer. If you happen to sleep with a restless partner, plus a dog, like I do, this is one feature you’ll really appreciate. The Endy foam mattress does an excellent job of isolating the motion, so you can rarely feel your significant other tossing or turning, or having your dog jump in and out of bed throughout the night allowing for better and less interrupted sleep.

And this Endy mattress review wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the Endy pillows. Hypoallergenic and customizable, these pillows are the perfect place to rest your head. Made from bamboo charcoal memory foam, they offer comfort, support, and breathability all in one perfect pillow. You also have the ability of adjusting the amount of foam fill inside the pillow so it’s just the right height for you, which is absolutely genius if you ask me. A bonus is they give you a little mesh pouch to hold the excess foam that you can turn into a little travel pillow.

And to complete the whole experience, Endy also provides sheets and pillow covers to complement your mattress and pillows. The quality of the sheets are luxe and comfortable and I have to say their fitted sheets are hands down the best I’ve ever had. They come with an extra thick elastic that holds them in place no matter how you toss and turn. I just wish they made duvet covers as well.

All in all, my Endy Mattress review is a thumbs up! I’m very impressed with Endy, from their shopping and delivery experience, to the comfortability and quality of their foam mattress and pillows. I find myself falling asleep faster, sleeping through the night sounder, and most importantly, waking up rested and refreshed. I honestly didn’t know what I was missing until I tried the Endy mattress and I’m sure you have no idea either.

For those of you interested in giving an Endy mattress a try,
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Endy is one of the best foam mattresses you'll ever sleep on

Product details:

Mattress: Queen size foam mattress c/o Endy
Outfit: Embroidery Contrast Piping Satin PJ Set c/o  Shein
Glasses: Amaze Petite frames in mocha torte c/o Bonlook
Furniture:  Hemnes queen size bed & side tables from Ikea
Home Accessories: Lamps, picture frames, and tray from Homesense

Mattress review for Endy mattress, bed in a box Canada

Full review of my Canadian-made Endy mattress

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  • rebeccassoapdeli
    July 25, 2018

    I “lost” my mattress in a move/divorce and plan to buy a new one as soon as I am out of my roommate’s guest room and back in my own apartment. This is exactly the kind of mattress I’ve been dying to buy! Thanks for the valuable info!

  • healthyfitcouple.com
    July 25, 2018

    Having a restful night is so important and having a good mattress helps!

  • alisonfay1
    July 26, 2018

    That mattress looks & founds so comfy.

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100 Nights with Endy