Winter Skincare Survival Guide with Dr. Barba + Dove

Winter can be a particularly difficult time for your skin. Find out what you should be doing to keep your skin from falling victim to dryness, cracking and irritation this winter.I teamed up with Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant to bring you this post! 

Winter weather is not fun for skin. Don’t like chapped lips? How about a chapped face? I’m rolling up on my 4th winter here in Toronto and I have to say that winters here are a much different story than what I experienced growing up on the west coast. To protect your body from the cold, you stocked up on pom-pom hats, Muppet furs, and parkas. But what should you be doing to protect your skin?

Winter can be a particularly difficult time for your skin. Cold weather and low humidity levels result in dry air, which steals moisture away from the skin every second of every day. Dry lips, cracked elbows and itchy underarms, oh my! I’ve teamed up with Dove to give you some tips how to take care of your skin in the winter, including common underarm problems like irritation and dryness.

It's time to gear up on skin-care essentials now that cold weather is coming. Everything from frosty nights to the office central heating can wreak havoc on your skin, which means adjusting your regimen accordingly.

Caring for Your Skin During the Fall and Winter Months

As the weather changes, how you care for your skin should change too. It’s time to transition your skin care from fall to winter and refresh your routine to guard against dry skin and other skin issues that come with cold weather.  Everything from frosty nights to the office central heating can wreak havoc on your skin, which means adjusting your regimen accordingly. Today I’m sharing a few of my personal winter skincare along with advice from Dove Dermatologist Dr. Alicia Barba to keep your skin from falling victim to dryness, cracking, and irritation this winter.

1. Gentle Cleansing 

Cleansing is always the first step to any skincare routine, but during the winter this step should be shorter than normal and with super-gentle cleansers so as not to strip the moisture barrier. Use a hydrating cleanser and make sure to moisturize the skin after cleansing or gently exfoliating. The classic Dove bar just happens to be perfect for this! 

2. Moisturize

While we can’t change the temperature, we can adjust the way we face the cold weather. During the winter months, your skin isn’t producing as much oil as in the warmer months, so swapping up your face cream for a heavier, richer, more moisture product is beneficial. Additional moisture helps prevent chapping, redness, itching, and keep skin more healthy and comfortable this season.

3. Care for your underarms

The underarm skin area is sensitive and often over looked, Dr. Barba says. Sweaters, undergarments and t-shirts can irritate the skin as they rub against it all day. You’ll need a product that keeps your skin hydrated and protected, she says. Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant is formulated with moisturizers to help reduce irritation and leave you with softer, smoother underarms.

4. Get into a bedtime routine

They don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason. Bedtime is the best time to hydrate your skin. Make sure you’re going to bed with a clean face that’s well moisturized so your skin can rest and regenerate while you’re sleeping.

5. Sunscreen for all seasons

You might have to pack away your sundresses and bikinis, but keep the sunscreen right next to your daily moisturizer. Harmful UV rays don’t take a break for cold weather Dr. Barba reminds us. If you find that your skin is dry, you might also consider switching to a more moisturizing sunscreen than your summer product.  

How to take cure of your skin during the winter months. These 8 essential ways will ensure that your skin is well protected during winter.From hydrating serums to exfoliating acids, click through to see the products that'll keep your skin hydrated, refreshed, and glowing all season long.

Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant Experience

Even during the winter months, I find myself getting a little sweaty between running errands and sitting through stressful meetings, so antiperspirant is a must for me. I’ve been using the Dove Advanced Care Rebalance for the past week and I have to say I really like it. When applied, it goes on smoothly and dries quickly with a soft, sweet scent. It leaves a clean, silky feeling afterwards, which I love. I also have fairly sensitive skin, so often I find that antiperspirants will make my underarms itch, but not this one! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never focused on moisturizing my underarms, but after using my Dove Advanced Care my underarms are definitely softer than it was a week ago.  This deodorant also does a great job of providing protection against odor and wetness with an added bonus of smooth underarms.

Check out Dove Advanced Care for yourself by visiting the Dove website.

How to take cure of your skin during the winter months. These 8 essential ways will ensure that your skin is well protected during winter.Use this handy guide to keep your skin moisturized all winter long

Have any winter skin care tips you’d like to share? 
Let me know in the comments below!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant.

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    It is sweater weather and some places can be very warm inside. It awesome to have the sensitive skin deorderant for those moments.

  2. I love this Dove 48 care. I tried it a few months ago and I’m sold now. I need to check out some of your other suggestions.

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